You can now find the SN2100, our modular UTM & Next-Generation firewall solution, which replaces the SN2000.

Don’t choose between performance and security

With throughput that can reach 30 Gbps, look no further for better value and performance in a network protection appliance.

Take advantage of throughput from new-generation networks

The SN2000’s 10GB fiber network connectivity and unrivalled modularity make it easy to integrate naturally into new-generation networks to meet or anticipate your needs.

Up the bandwidth of your network links

Thanks to their physical link aggregation feature (LACP), Stormshield Network Security appliances ensure greater availability than ever in your infrastructure.

Technical specifications

Performance *

Firewall throughput (1518 byte UDP)

30 Gbps

IPS throughput (1518 byte UDP)

20 Gbps

Hardware (connect)

10/100/1000 interfaces


1Gb fiber interfaces


10Gb fiber interfaces


Optional interfaces (8 ports 10/100/1000 - 4 or 8 ports 1Gb SFP - 4 ports 10Gb SFP+)



High Availability (Active/Passive)


* Performance is measured in a laboratory and under conditions ideal for version 4.x. Results may vary according to test conditions and the software version.

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Network Security SN2000


As trusted vendor, Stormshield deploys technologies that have been certified at the highest level in Europe. The awarded certifications and qualifications guarantee an adapted level of protection for the strategic data of even the most sensitive businesses and organizations.


These packs guarantee the continuous update of protection systems considered essential for the running of your business.

Premium UTM Security Pack

This pack focuses on corporations with stringent security requirements, by providing the best technology for countering even the most sophisticated attacks.

UTM Security Pack

Corporations seeking unified protection from threats conveyed by the web or electronic mail and wishing to closely monitor the online activity of their users would find it advantageous to subscribe to this pack.

Enterprise UTM Security Pack

Aimed at enterprises that have distinct protection solutions for each security function at their disposal, this pack concentrates the added value of Stormshield Network Security products on Next-Generation Firewall features.

Technical Support

You will benefit from the assistance provided by our multilingual technical support teams. Our teams are based in our premises, working closely and directly with the R&D teams. This will guarantee vendor expertise in addressing any issue.


Provided by Stormshield or by one of our certified and approved partners, our training courses allow you to acquire full knowledge on how to operate our products.

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