Industrial cybersecurity and OT protection: a universal approach from Stormshield

To address cyber threats to operational networks (OTs), which are on the rise with the deployment of Industry 4.0 & Industry 5.0 (Cloud, Big Data, 5G, Internet of Things), Stormshield recommends a single, comprehensive approach. The aim is to ensure that networks function properly and that there is continuity of activity for all players: energy, transport, industry, health, etc.

Cyber threats against OT on the rise

With processes continuing to be digitalised and automated, operational technology (OT) networks are increasingly open and connected to the Internet, leading to a convergence of IT and OT infrastructures. As a result, companies that manage industrial systems face increased risks in terms of industrial cybersecurity: espionage, sabotage, data alteration, etc. And their attack surface is increasing, with a major risk: a total halt to their production.

This is a wake-up call on the importance of protecting critical infrastructures and effective industrial cyber security.

Detect threats and protect your industrial activities

Stormshield offers a holistic approach to this threat, securing the entire operational chain to ensure the availability, integrity and proper functioning of business processes and enable business continuity. This approach is based on a security mix: network, workstation and server protection, interoperability, monitoring and network management. It relies on a unique combination of IT and OT protection solutions to secure your production systems.

Stormshield, committed to industrial cybersecurity. This unique protection package is based on several main axes: identification and mapping of sensitive assets; network segmentation to partition elements from one other and prevent the propagation of attacks; guaranteeing operational continuity through high availability and firewall safety mode; providing security for programmable logic controllers (PLCs); protecting the human-machine interfaces (HMIs) that transmit information to the PLCs; securing PLC control tools; hardening control stations or supervision software (SCADA security products); in-depth inspection (IPS) of operational network traffic to reduce the risk of corruption of data flows and business applications; centralised and joint supervision of IT and OT systems, etc.

Certified and qualified industrial firewalls

Looking for SCADA security products & industrial firewalls? Stormshield's industrial offering is built on certified and qualified products. This approach ensures mutual trust in the messages exchanged between the various components of the industrial system.

Stormshield solutions are developed to achieve the highest levels of certification and qualification in the market. These security assurances are the foundation of the trust that companies place in us for their most critical security needs. As evidence of this rigour and commitment, the SNi40 is the first protection solution to be awarded the CSPN Industrial Firewall certification offered by France’s ANSSI cybersecurity agency.

An ecosystem of technology partners working for you

In our fight against cyber threats, we focus on sharing and collaboration. This drives co-operations with many French and international industrial players (Nozomi Networks, Schneider Electric, Seclab, Siemens and Yokogawa) with whom we have established trust-based partnerships in order to protect the industry of tomorrow.

A team that listens to your business challenges

Aeronautics, water, electricity, maritime, transport, health and all other sectors... Each market or field concerned by industrial cybersecurity issues has specific challenges. And deserves special attention. To continue your navigation, access other thematic pages, focused on your industrial cybersecurity projects and the particularities of your market sector.

Whatever your challenges, a specialised multidisciplinary team that understands the problems and specificities of your sector is at your service. It is supported by an R&D team entirely dedicated to operational technology systems. When you choose Stormshield, you also benefit from the permanent support and geographical proximity of our sales and technical staff.