Data encryption on local workstations and servers: protect your files and data

Stored locally on a workstation, a file server, a USB key or even a private Cloud, your data is still vulnerable to cyberattacks against these spaces. To meet your data's confidentiality, integrity and availability needs, protect it.

Protect your data locally

Why encrypt this data locally? Because even on your local workstations, file servers or USB keys, information is exposed to the risks of exfiltration, leakage, data theft, and even modification or destruction. Administrative, contractual, financial and other documents: as you need to store and access this sensitive information to exchange it with your contacts and colleagues, encrypting it enables you to ensure the sustainability of your organisation.

Encrypt your data locally

How does on-premise encryption work? To protect sensitive data, several encryption methods are available: encryption by folder, individual encryption by file or encryption using a digital safe. To do so, use an effective and seamless solution: the Stormshield Data Security Enterprise (SDS) offer. Sensitive data is encrypted on your workstations, file servers, USB keys and private Clouds before being automatically decrypted for authorised persons, without any additional action required from the user.

Do you have a question about file encryption on your local workstations and servers?

Data Virtual Disk, virtual disk encryption, encrypted volume, etc: do you have another question about local data encryption with Stormshield? Our teams of experts, sales representatives and pre-sales engineers are at your disposal to answer your questions and to help you throughout your project to secure your data.