In a collaborative work environment where project teams are in constant flux, the Stormshield Data Security Enterprise solution enables you to maintain control over your security by controlling access to encrypted data by group and profile. Give your company the resources it needs to control the confidential data exchanged by employees as part of your activities.


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Secure your company data

A comprehensive protection suite. Stormshield Data Security Enterprise ensures the confidentiality of all data, from local file to email protection and internal and external corporate collaborative spaces. This solution is easily integrated, regardless of whether or not the company has an Active Directory or a PKI.

Guaranteed confidentiality. Users play a central role in their own data security. They can specify who has permission to access their information, and can create secure collaboration spaces. With Stormshield Data Security Enterprise's seamless integration, you enjoy automatic security for data shared between internal and external employees.

Simple management of trust bubbles. This encryption solution is easily integrated into collaborative or communication tools, and is scalable and especially well-suited to global deployment, either by business unit or by project (BU or cross-functional services), and can also be used to secure exchanges with subcontractors.

A seamless solution integrated into your tools

The Stormshield Data Security Enterprise offer is based on end-to-end data encryption, from the user through to the recipient. Encryption that integrates seamlessly with your collaboration and communication tools, your messaging systems and your local or shared directories.

SDS Enterprise demo

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SDS Enterprise documentation

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Test the SDS Enterprise solution

SDS Enterprise: trial version and prices. Do you need a trial version of SDS Enterprise to get started? Do you have another question about SDS Enterprise? Our teams of experts, sales representatives and pre-sales engineers are at your disposal to answer your questions and to help you throughout your project to secure your data.

SDS Enterprise case study

A real-life case study? Stormshield assisted a French energy supplier in securing and controlling data in sensitive documents shared by email. To achieve this, Stormshield implemented the SDS Enterprise solution.

Stay in control of your data

The only person in control is you. Our Stormshield Data Security Enterprise offer is designed as an all-in-one solution. Its administrative, key management and log generation functions let you implement and manage IT security independently every day. Facilitate your data traceability with the SDS Enterprise solution's centralised administration:

  • Save time by automating user management and security policies centrally;
  • Facilitate administration by delegating service administration and defining fine-grained rights;
  • Maintain control over private keys through encryption under your sole control, with the ability to recover keys through escrow.

Insert SDS into your applications

As more and more IT infrastructure is outsourced, data security must also be considered as close to the business-line applications and the daily life of your employees as possible.

Our Stormshield Data Connector solution is an effective data protection offer that can be seamlessly and easily adapted to your business-line applications and other security products you already have in place.