Stormshield Log Supervisor

Our log management solution for Stormshield firewalls

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Monitor and improve your cybersecurity

Are you looking for a tool to instantly view your network’s status and events? Then Stormshield Log Supervisor (SLS) is just what you need. Thanks to its centralised management of security events, our solution provides an unified presentation of event logs from your SNS firewalls and your SES agents.

With Stormshield Log Supervisor, you can optimise your search tasks and incident response. And thanks to its quick overview of the system’s effectiveness, you’ll rest easy knowing that your security investments were worth it.

In-depth analysis of events and data flows

Enjoy in-depth analysis of events and data flows in your Stormshield Network Security firewalls and your Stormshield Endpoint Security agents thanks to Stormshield Log Supervisor.

Based on the EAL3+ certified Logpoint solution, a European leader in security information and event management solutions, Stormshield Log Supervisor also meets legal requirements and resolves operational issues related to long-term log storage and management.

Further information on Stormshield Log Supervisor

You can find an exhaustive list of features in the Stormshield Log Supervisor datasheet below.

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