CSLS Training course

With this certification course you will become an expert in all the features of Stormshield Log Supervisor, the log management tool for Stormshield Network Security firewalls. Optimise your research tasks and incident response.

During the Certified Stormshield Log Supervisor (CSLS) course, you will learn how to operate and configure the SLS solution. At the end of this course, you are expected to know how to view activity on your networks, analyze logs and customize dashboards, reports and alarm rules. The Stormshield CSLS certification attests to the acquisition of these skills

At the heart of CSLS training

If you are...

An IT manager, network administrator, and IT technician: this course is for you!

Face-to-face or distance CSLS training?

The structure of the course includes both theory and practical exercises. Two methods are offered: in-person courses, either at Stormshield's offices or the client's offices, or online courses, including interaction with an instructor via videoconferencing and over the Airbus CyberRange platform for practical exercises.

You’ll receive course support consisting of a theoretical component, practical work (Labs) and marking. To help you put the course theory into practice, you’ll have a full technical environment at your disposal.

And you’ll be able to keep your expertise current for three years by downloading updates to the course material in PDF format on our Institute platform.

What our CSLS training will enable you to do

  • Configure SLS, users and their privileges
  • Configure the secure forwarding of logs from SNS firewalls to SLS
  • Perform targeted searches
  • Generate custom and context-based dashboards
  • Configure the automatic generation of custom reports
  • Automate incident identification and reporting
  • Analyze security incidents based on logs

What does this CSLS training cost, and how do I register?

The public price is €1,750 before tax for in-person or online courses.

You can register via the training calendar.

Practical information about the CSLS training course

The CSLS training lasts 14 hours.

For the e-learning version, trainees have access to exclusive content on the seela.io and Airbus CyberRange platforms for one month.

Our trainers also conduct intra-company training (on-site or distance learning) for groups of 5 or more people.

There is a maximum of 8 trainees per session.

You must...

This course is reserved for candidates who have passed the CSNA exam within the three years prior to the CSLS course.


The hardware requirements to follow this training session remotely are:

  • Latest version of a web browser: Chrome or Firefox with JavaScript installed to enable access to the CyberRange platform for practical exercises (only these browsers are supported),
  • A working webcam and permissions to install the videoconferencing application,
  • Internet access of at least 2 Mbps,
  • A second monitor of at least 22 inches is recommended.

CSLS: certification at your fingertips

Provided you pass the final exam at the end of the course, obviously! You sit the exam online (1 hr, 40 questions). The passmark is 70%.

The exam is automatically available on the day following the end of training, for a period of three weeks, at the Institute’s website.

In the event of failure, or inability to take the exam within this time slot, a second and final exam opportunity automatically opens immediately afterwards for a duration of one additional week.

Detailed CSLS description

  • Individual introduction of trainees
  • Installing, operating and maintaining SLS
    • Configuration of the various types of log storage
    • Management of user authentication and their privileges
  • Secure forwarding of logs from SNS firewalls to SLS
  • Simple searches
  • Advanced searches
    • Aggregation
    • Multi-criteria
    • Labels
    • Macros
    • Lists
    • Enrichment through external data
  • Display of search results
  • Search template, creation of searches based on variable criteria
  • Getting started with the dashboards
    • Presentation and customization of pre-configured dashboards
    • Creating new dashboards
  • Reports
    • Using pre-configured Stormshield reports
    • Creating new custom reports
    • Scheduling and sending reports
  • Alarm rules
    • Creating alarm rules
    • Tracking and processing alarms

re-certification kits

In common with all good software, you’ll need to update your network/security expertise before the third anniversary of your certification. You can do this using our online re-certification kits, which allow you to renew your certification for an additional three years.


Want to find out about dates for network protection training courses? Discover our SNS training calendar.

Facilities for trainees with disabilities

Our course facilities are equipped to accommodate and cater to individuals with disabilities. However a prior assessment of the nature of the disability is necessary. To ensure that we anticipate trainees’ needs and make the necessary arrangements, we ask that they inform our training department of their requirements as soon as they get in touch.