Stormshield XDR, to improve the cyber operational efficiency of your infrastructure

XDR Stormshield - elements and ecosystem

Control all XDR information

XDR Stormshield - security incidents

Manage security incidents from one central place


Improve productivity and cyber operational efficiency

Reduce the risk and improve your cyber operational productivity

Bridge the gaps inherent in the integration of disparate security solutions

Get real-time alerts on security incidents

Adopt a complete solution for the security of your infrastructure

Correlate the events reported by your network and endpoint protection solutions

Manage response and remediation elements

A fully integrated and controlled XDR offer

With Stormshield XDR, you can be notified of incidents based on analyses of your endpoints, networks and other web and email files, before managing the response with your various security products, driven by centralised incident management.

The ideal combination of Stormshield Network Security (SNS) to protect the network, and Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) to secure endpoints, backed by Stormshield’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) expertise to anticipate threats. All orchestrated by Stormshield Log Supervisor (SLS) to alert you in real time and deliver a fast, sustainable response for both network and endpoints.

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XDR whitepaper

Why will eXtended Detection & Response become the new paradigm in cybersecurity?

In this whitepaper, we describe the various aspects that an organisation needs to consider when implementing an XDR approach or solution that is both secure and trusted. This document is intended for consultants and information systems security managers, to give them an understanding of the goals that XDR solutions must meet to provide optimum protection for organisations.

Stormshield XDR, your 100% European and trusted protection solution

What is XDR?

In particular, XDR technology enables you to correlate security events reported by your network and endpoint protection solutions.

Faced with increasingly professional cybercriminals and their modus operandi, companies are hurrying to roll out security products. The recurring success of such attacks demonstrates the ineffectiveness of this approach. Indeed, the wide variety of network and terminal protection points, and inconsistent security policies, lead to poor responsiveness to these cyberattacks.

Because the proliferation of detection solutions generates numerous and varied logs with behaviour patterns that are difficult for administrators to interpret and correlate. This lack of visibility limits responsiveness, which in practical terms results in a lower level of protection. Stormshield is a trusted cybersecurity provider with a new XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) offering to address this.

XDR Stormshield - sovereign solution

Sovereign solution

As a major French cybersecurity player, we offer solutions that meet European legal requirements. And offer you a real cybersecurity choice.

XDR Stormshield - certifications


Our technologies are certified and qualified to the highest European standards, your guarantee of a protection adapted for strategic information or the most sensitive data in your organisation

XDR Stormshield - elements and ecosystem


We work with other players to develop joint solutions, to share information about threats and to collectively improve our customers’ defences.