About Stormshield: the European cybersecurity choice

As a key player in cyber security, Stormshield provides companies worldwide with a trusted European alternative for protecting critical infrastructure, sensitive data and operational environments. And in an increasingly complex geopolitical environment, which combines national governments and major digital players, Stormshield is committed to an ambitious strategic project: to become the European choice for cybersecurity.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the cyber division of Airbus Defense and Space (formerly Airbus CyberSecurity), Stormshield is part of one of Europe's finest industrial success stories. A guarantee of credibility and solidity for the future of the company.

Trusted cybersecurity solutions

As our society becomes more digital and international tensions increase, geopolitical considerations are becoming criteria for choosing suppliers and the products they design. Europe therefore has a key role to play in providing reliable and secure cyber security solutions that reflect its values. To contribute to this made in EU cybersecurity, Stormshield has been a trusted European alternative for many years.

As trust is primarily based on technology, we have placed the integrity and quality of our products at the heart of our mission, and are committed to a continuous process of certification and qualification with European national cybersecurity agencies. This includes an independent audit of our source code and development environments, the key to true transparency. This notion is at the heart of Stormshield's European approach. Indeed, our cybersecurity products are regularly certified and qualified in France by the ANSSI (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information) but also in Spain by the CCN (Centro Criptológico Nacional). And with the signing of a mutual recognition agreement for IT security certificates between the BSI and the ANSSI, Stormshield's products have gained visibility and credibility in Germany. As such, Stormshield's products are aimed at organisations operating critical and sensitive infrastructures as well as all economic players concerned about the integrity of the solutions they use.

Our strategy towards trusted European cybersecurity is based on the inclusion of our products in the future European certification scheme defined by ENISA and the Cybersecurity Act. Other major regulations, such as the Cyber Resilience Act and the NIS2 Directive, are also reinforcing the confidence requirements expected in the solutions that will enable our companies and administrations to raise their level of cybersecurity. These developments are opportunities to extend the legitimacy acquired initially in France, and then progressively in other European countries, to other countries.

Network protection with Stormshield Network Security

Endpoint protection with Stormshield Endpoint Security

Data protection with Stormshield Data Security

Cybersecurity of industrial infrastructures and information systems

We are specialists in OT and critical environments, providing our customers with the benefits of our technological lead in the industrial cybersecurity market. Unique support for standardised industrial protocols (BACNet Ip, CIP, IEC 60870, IEC 61850, IEC 62443, etc.) and proprietary protocols, as well as an ability to analyse these protocols in depth, are powerful assets to ensure optimal safety.

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The human issues

But protecting company data or its networks is not merely a matter of technology. In addition to the technical considerations, there are also human issues. At Stormshield, our ability to support, advise and tailor our products or services to customer needs guides us on a daily basis. Our daily lives are governed by the threefold mantra of “responsiveness, close relationships and agility”.

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In addition to building a more secure digital world, we are committed to a more responsible and environmentally friendly economy, and have therefore placed the major challenges of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the heart of our development. These challenges include training and employment for young people, the place of women in the business world and in the cybersecurity sector, the well-being of our employees and the sharing of value, and the reduction of our carbon footprint. We are developing these areas through a programme of actions and labelling that concerns all our employees and the players in our ecosystem (customers, suppliers, partners).