Stormshield Network Security Elastic Virtual Appliance

Virtual solutions for secure digital transformation

The Stormshield Network Security Elastic Virtual Appliance range of virtual firewalls allows you to integrate security into your migration or deployment of Cloud services with complete cyber-serenity.

Agile in complete security

Support your Cloud services deployments with total security. Stormshield Network Security Elastic Virtual Appliance (EVA) products can be easily adapted to the environment they protect. Making security central to your digital transformation has never been easier. Now you don’t have to choose between responsiveness and safety – stay agile!

Reduce your costs

Don’t overuse your Cloud resources. The performance of Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliance products automatically adapts to the allocated vRAM and vCPU capabilities on the hypervisor. Adjust your resources to match the required performance level and choose optimal consumption.


Available on the marketplaces

Take full advantage of the improvements in Cloud platforms. Thanks to the wide variety of supported environments and their interoperability, it’s simple to switch between Cloud platforms – whether public or private. You can easily migrate your security solution at the same time as your services.

And because European sovereignty of data implies European sovereignty of the solutions in charge of ensuring their security, Stormshield is proud to be among the first solutions available in the Marketplace of the French sovereign cloud platform, 3DS OUTSCALE. This association allows companies and organisations concerned about the control of their data to benefit from a Cloud environment labelled SecNumCloud by the French agency ANSSI and to protect it with a Stormshield Network Security virtual appliance, a trusted solution developed entirely in France.

With EVA, find the solution for today and tomorrow

Supported environments

With Stormshield virtual appliances, there’s no need to change technology. They are supported by most of today’s virtual environments: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack and KVM.

Elastic Virtual Appliances, associated services

Stormshield supports you step by step, according to your needs and your maturity in terms of cybersecurity.


Learn how to integrate, configure and monitor our products with our high-level certification training.


Our service and security packages offer you continuous protection system updates and access to technical support.

Technical support 

In France and abroad, our technical teams are always close at hand to ensure the security of your software and hardware infrastructure, giving you guaranteed continuity of service.

EVA: trial version & prices

Faced with the problems of a global shortage of electronic components, EVA solutions are an immediate response to a constant need for security. Would you like a test version of our EVA solution? For a project, an appointment or any other request, our teams are at your disposal.