Stormshield and cybersecurity

For more than 20 years, Stormshield has been developing its pioneering spirit in the world of cybersecurity. With a presence in more than 40 countries, this European company continues to grow, supported by a strong network of partners and distributors. We take a look back at the decisive stages that have made Stormshield what it is today.

At the forefront of European cybersecurity expertise for... a long time

Stormshield’s commitment to designing robust solutions is nothing new. Almost 20 years ago, the first Arkoon and Netasq products were awarded Common Criteria certification and qualification by France’s ANSSI cybersecurity agency. Can’t see the connection? Let’s take a little trip back through the history of cybersecurity...

Netasq: the expert in UTM solutions

1998: The Netasq company is created in Villeneuve-d’Ascq (France) and creates the first firewall with integrated IPS.

2004: Netasq acquires Intranode, a company specialising in vulnerability management, to add traffic analysis vulnerability detection capabilities to its UTM firewall solutions.

Arkoon: the IT security solutions publisher

2000: The year in which Arkoon is founded in Lyon (France). The first UTM solution is created in the process, with an antiviral solution built into its firewall boxes.

2004: The SkyRecon Systems solution sees the introduction of the first signatureless anti-malware behavioural protection to the cyber security market.

2006: Arkoon acquires MSI and its file encryption solution, SecurityBox, which will later become Stormshield Data Security.

2009: Arkoon acquires SkyRecon Systems and its innovative solution for the protection of workstations and servers, which will become Stormshield Endpoint Security.

DNA deeply rooted in industry

Alongside Airbus CyberSecurity

2012: Airbus Defence & Space – now Airbus CyberSecurity – acquires Arkoon and Netasq, which then become Stormshield. It is an alliance that lays the foundation for trusted European cybersecurity.

2014: As a result of this merger, the first products bearing the Stormshield brand name appear on the cybersecurity market. And Stormshield’s virtual appliances start to make their way into the Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure online retail spaces.

And other players from the industrial world

2015: Schneider Electric and Stormshield enter into an ambitious partnership, with the aim of addressing industrial cyber security issues.

2016: The SNi40 becomes the first industrial firewall to receive ANSSI’s CSPN certification. In the same year, Stormshield launches SDS for Cloud and Mobility, a data protection solution for collaborative applications in the cloud, and Breach Fighter, a cloud sandboxing solution.

Stormshield: the European choice for cybersecurity in industrial and critical infrastructures

2020: Stormshield Network Security firewalls obtain twofold recognition from the certification body of the National Cryptology Centre (Centro Criptológico Nacional, CCN) in Spain, as qualified and approved products. There’s a new addition to the range, with the SNi20 joining the family of industrial firewalls.

2020: Building on this history, Stormshield aims to become the European benchmark for cybersecurity in terms of critical infrastructures, sensitive data and operational environments.

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