Stormshield announces CSPN certification for its Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution EDR offering. This provides reassurance for companies using this solution, offering complete protection for their terminals and servers against the most sophisticated threats.

At a time when cyber-incidents on workstations and servers are proliferating and becoming increasingly sophisticated, with a risk of propagation that is highly damaging to businesses, the ANSSI-issued CSPN certification demonstrates that the Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution EDR solution has a proven level of security and robustness, ensuring the effective detection of threats such as malware, ransomware and zero-day exploits, and remediation to correct or limit the consequences of incidents.


A multilayer, certified Stormshield EDR solution

This EDR solution provides complete workstation security, monitoring the behaviour of programs and peripherals and providing permanent remediation that raises the security level. Completely self-contained and fully operational with no learning curve, Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution is the multi-layered EDR solution that puts protection first.

CSPN certification for the Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution solution is an important first step for Stormshield in this cybersecurity segment. “We are in constant contact with ANSSI to ensure recognition for the efficiency and security of our solutions. With this new certification, our intention is to go still further and make our EDR offering available not only to sensitive and critical infrastructures, but also – and most importantly – to SMEs and local authorities, who play a key role in underpinning our social and economic fabric. A large number of customers have already placed their trust in us, both in France and internationally”, says Eric Hohbauer, Sales Director and Managing Director at Stormshield.

One of the key components of the Stormshield XDR offer

Stormshield’s expertise lies in detecting cyberattacks and blocking them automatically in real time, ensuring that businesses can continue to operate as smoothly as possible. Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution is one of the key components of the broader XDR offering developed by Stormshield to improve the operational cyber-efficiency of infrastructures, using trusted European solutions that are recognised in the market.

This offering is available as an on-premise or SAAS deployment, with or without Managed Services, with the support of our network of distributor and integration partners. This offer is also marketed to the main public purchasing groups and platforms.

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Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution is designed for organisations that want to protect themselves against sophisticated cyber attacks by deploying an EDR solution to detect these attacks and ensure an effective response. With its proactive approach, the solution focuses on prevention, providing long-term remediation and monitoring devices to raise the organisation's level of security. The product is completely autonomous and works without a signature.
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