Endpoints and cyber risks: protecting your company servers

They are the heart of your company’s IT system. To ensure the integrity of the data that passes through them, and make sure they fulfil their role in an optimal and uninterrupted manner, your servers therefore require appropriate protection.

Why protect your IT servers?

There isn’t a vital function in your business that doesn’t require your computer servers for its deployment.

Servers perform many tasks that are essential to your business and your IT fleet: enabling the various workstations in your company to network, log in to your email and hosted software, and access and store your data. Not to mention the fact that they also handle authentication and access control to your internal network.

And because of their direct role in the smooth running of your company, servers are a prime target for cyber-criminals. Cyberattacks using various forms of malware can therefore expose your company to a variety of risks. In some cases, this can bring your business to a grinding halt. Or in a less dramatic, but equally damaging way, it can result in the loss or theft of your data, or access to it being restricted. Not forgetting industrial espionage, or lost access to certain services for your customers...

Stormshield Endpoint Security, a range of robust and proactive protection for your servers

Our Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) range delivers the best security for your servers. With the Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution version, you have a solution that combines constantly active protection (EPP) and detection (EDR) functions which seek out potential threats and counter them as quickly as possible. And to address the growing threats to the security solutions themselves, the solution offers enhanced levels of robustness, thanks to a unique self-protection and self-repair mechanism.

Want to find out more about the basic measures you need to implement to protect your servers? Contact our sales and pre-sales teams to find out about best practice and the solutions you need to implement within your company.