In an age of digital transformation and digital sovereignty issues, governments, public administrations and local authorities need to protect themselves and their citizens from all forms of cyberattacks – and thus ensure vital business continuity. Personal data linked to citizens, sensitive data linked to research, taxation, health... the stakes could not be higher.

Business continuity of government bodies under threat

Ransomware, data theft... town councils and other government bodies are seeing an explosion in the number of cyber attacks directed at them. The focus is on: data, computer networks and other workstations. After all, by definition, a government body is in the business of managing a lot of confidential information. However, this data – which most often exchanged between several sites (ministries, town halls, prefectures, research centres, etc.) – is particularly exposed.

The stakes are therefore high. Some of your data are necessary for the proper functioning of public services, and their alteration or destruction by potential cyber-criminals can lead to the complete paralysis of your business activity, whether you are a government body or a local authority. To add to this complex situation, the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in a professional context associated with the growth of teleworking can create security breaches and threaten IT infrastructures and their proper functioning.

Priorities for ensuring seamless security

In their efforts to deal with all cyber threats, public administrations and local authorities seek to establish trusted communication channels (authentication, confidentiality, integrity). Similarly, to ensure the continuity of public service, the role of IT managers is to ensure the ongoing high availability of infrastructures, thanks to robust and hardened cybersecurity solutions.

In addition, attacks on network components and workstations should not be overlooked: operations handling confidential information (personal data, research projects, pupils’ and students’ grades, even sensitive data related to defence, etc.) in connected environments must be monitored to avoid theft or alteration.

Secure your computer network and workstations

Our solutions focus on the features you need to address your organisation’s issues. For example, with the Stormshield Network Security (SNS) range of firewalls, you get a solution that is tailored to your needs. As such, it provides key features based on securing communications with deep, context-drive protocol analysis to prevent known and unknown attacks, control data flows and filter URLs. Not to mention the High Availability (HA) function to ensure business continuity.

With our Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) range, you can also block advanced attacks, including ransomware, that target your endpoints. This provides you with a vital tool for effectively combating data leakage and loss. Finally, you have control over the use of external peripherals (USB media) and workstation compliance (up-to-date Windows workstations, healthy machine, etc.).

Manage your employees’ mobility and protect their data in all circumstances

Stormshield offers several solutions for this purpose.

  • The SNS range of firewalls, with mobile SSL and IPSec VPN technologies, and user authentication on network flows.
  • The SES workstation protection solution, with context-driven workstation protection for technicians and mobile workers.

Regulations, mobility, digital sovereignty; there is a lot of information for public organisations to absorb. Stormshield’s experts will help you get a clearer view by providing you with an efficient, tailored response. With the issue of a European sovereign cloud under discussion, now’s the time to turn to a trusted European player.

Numerous sites to be secured across the geographical region

Governments and their public bodies also have to deal with a wide geographical distribution of the infrastructure to be protected, on a regional or national scale, or even overseas.

This means that the administration’s IT teams must be able to easily deploy security equipment as physically close as possible to the elements to be protected. But they also need to manage an infrastructure that is often extensive, with a large team of administrators, without being able to rely on local on-site experts.

Consolidate your IT assets

To meet this challenge, Stormshield offers a solution for monitoring your assets and thus facilitating their deployment, management and administration. This translates into valuable time saved. The Stormshield Management Center (SMC) solution offers operational simplicity, secure communications management, and a reduction in repetitive tasks.

Strong regulatory constraints

Because public authorities (municipalities, government agencies, ministries and all others) are often the target of cyber attacks, they are subject to a series of cyber rules and standards. In addition to the national level, these public authorities have to comply with European cybersecurity regulations such as the RGPD, the Cybersecurity Act or the "EU Restricted" security classification. Other standards (such as Common Criteria EAL3+ & EAL4+ or the ISO/IEC 27000 series for example) are not mandatory under current legislation, but help to improve the level of cybersecurity of public sector organisations.

Stormshield products help organisations comply with these requirements by improving the cyber resilience of their infrastructure. For example, Stormshield Network Security and Stormshield Data Security have been awarded the "EU Restricted" status. These solutions can therefore be deployed in sensitive environments to encrypt information classified as "EU Restricted", and to enable secure transmission of classified information. To find out more about how Stormshield products comply with public sector cyber regulations, read our dedicated document. And talk to our experts.

Strengthen your networks with trusted solutions

Stormshield is the only operator to date to offer a firewall solution qualified at Standard level by the ANSSI. This complex process goes far beyond certification, and is a testament to the reliability of Stormshield’s SNS firewall range. The range therefore holds ANSSI Standard qualification (France), and also EAL3+/EAL4+, CCN (Spain) and NATO Restricted and EU Restricted levels.

This comprehensive range of products enables government bodies and local authorities to protect the sensitive confidential data of their citizens.