Cybersecurity, MSSPs and service providers: streamline IT asset management while boosting your operational efficiency

Service providers need to centrally manage the security equipment in their client IT systems. Stormshield offers a solution and a comprehensive range of network security features that are combined into a single piece of hardware in order to manage all client IT systems and reduce operating costs.

Reduce your operating costs

To optimize cost efficiency, you need to minimize the tasks your technicians perform on site. With Stormshield Network Security solutions (SNS), you can perform all maintenance and configuration operations from your supervision centers. You will also have access to all security, SLA, and usage reports. Our automatic supervision and monitoring tools are intuitive, simple-to-use, and adaptable to your business processes. Our solutions give you real-time supervision of your IT systems and monitor the status of each of your client IT systems.

Stormshield management tools also allow you to work on any security component (including firewall, intrusion prevention, IPSec VPN, SSL, antivirus, antispam, URL filtering and more) from a single console. Thanks to its CLI interface, the console can be personalized for your processes and all operations can be performed remotely. With high availability and redundancy options, you can count on this reliable, robust solution.

Centralized and simplified network administration

The evolution of IT infrastructure and dependence on remote networks present new challenges in serving your clients. For example, widespread use of remote security equipment across networks results in an increasing number of administrative tasks. However, remote sites do not necessarily have dedicated IT teams. A centralized administration solution therefore simplifies management of IT systems and minimizes the time and resources dedicated to low-level tasks.

The centralized administration that Stormshield Management Center (SMC) offers enables you to:

  • Delegate the rights and roles of administrators working on your clients’ IT systems.
  • View all modifications applied by these administrators via event logs and reporting.
  • Generate custom reports on bandwidth consumption, connections, and alerts for each site.

Most updates for Stormshield devices are automatic. Attack signature databases, antivirus databases, antispam rules, and URL databases are automatically retrieved from Stormshield servers or from mirror servers installed within your infrastructure.

All-in-one functional coverage

Your clients depend on you for end-to-end protection. That is precisely why Stormshield has unified the most advanced security features on the market into one multi-function Stormshield Network Security firewall (SNS). Take advantage of a next-generation firewall with an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), web filtering module, antispam, antivirus, IPSec VPN, a comprehensive SSL VPN solution, and much more.

With Stormshield Network Security, you can now handle all your clients’ security needs with a single piece of hardware.

Offer your clients on-demand services

While MSSPs and other service providers may sometimes be engaged for large-scale, generic solution deployments, they often must be able to offer “on-demand” services for more specific configurations. In some cases simple features such as monitoring, update and license management, centralized administration, and reporting are required.

Stormshield enables you to customize configuration so that you can build a solution that satisfies both your expectations and that of your customers. With such wide-ranging security functionalities, Stormshield gives you the option of activating on-demand services for your clients. As a result, you get specific services to help you manage your entire IT system as well as monitoring, reporting, and management tools.

Support your sales force

Need help crafting a sales pitch, leading your teams and simplifying the sales process? Sales and pre-sales team training, documentation, and sales tools should be aligned with your needs.

Through the expertise of our teams and resources dedicated to MSSPs and other service providers, we put our experience to work for you to ensure that your plans succeed. Take advantage of a secure online portal for access to simplified documentation and a rich resource library. You will also have full access to online tutorials in order to better familiarize you and your customers with the user interface of our solutions.