Data protection

To preserve the integrity and confidentiality of your data, we have adopted a user-friendly approach with Stormshield Data Security solutions. They are easy to use, tailored to your working practices and new technologies, and ensure the security of your sensitive data – simply!

The security of corporate data is regularly put to the test, which can result in the theft or leakage of this information. This fragility is due to various causes ranging from negligence to industrial espionage, including new mobile working practices and the widespread use of collaborative tools.

The Stormshield Data Security product range maintains data security and the confidentiality of sensitive information. Recover your cyber-serenity!

Your sensitive data,
from wherever you are

Stormshield Data Security is designed to fit into your daily business life... not the other way around! And it allows you to access your data, securely, from wherever you are.

Within your company, encryption is integrated into your communication and collaboration tools to maintain data confidentiality. Your local and shared directories are also protected.

Is the Cloud something to be scared of? With the various SDS solutions, no! Encrypt your sensitive documents stored in the Cloud or your infrastructure and bring security to your communications.

Stormshield solutions provide end-to-end encrypted security for your business communications and collaboration. Take a quick look at the key points and benefits of the Stormshield Data Security range in the brochure.

the beginning was... encryption

What's the best way to secure computer data? Stormshield uses end-to-end encryption to deliver protection for corporate data. The information is thus readable only by the sender and the recipient, regardless of the specific transfer method (email, USB key, etc.) or device (workstation, tablet, mobile) used.

You benefit from transparent, user-friendly protection against man-in-the-middle attacks, malicious administrative acts and data leakage. Now you can collaborate with peace of mind and well-protected data.

Tried, tested and easily adopted solutions

How can you protect your files and folders? Stormshield's data protection offering is built on the reliability of its solutions, which are accredited at the highest European level.

Our easy-to-use data encryption solutions integrate into your users' environment to ensure the best possible adoption rate. Solutions that, once tested, are quickly adopted.

You're in total charge

Our Stormshield Data Security offer is available in Enterprise or Cloud & Mobility versions, and is designed as an all-in-one solution. Its administrative, key management and log generation functions mean you can implement and manage IT security in full independence every day.

Save time with our centralised management console and dashboard.

Even the best need support

Our technical support and professional services teams are there to support you in deploying, managing and maintaining Stormshield Data Security solutions. Our multilingual staff work in close partnership with our R&D experts.

Enjoy manufacturer expertise and customer focus as standard.

Do you need to decrypt a file generated by Stormshield Data Security File, Security Box SmartFile or even Security Box File (for those with long memories)? Smart File Reader software will allow you to decrypt the file received and send it back in total security.