Stormshield Data Security, a range of encryption solutions to protect your data

Collaboration with total peace of mind

End-to-end encryption. Encryption is applied end to end, and is exclusively controlled by the company. The file comes with its own security and, as a platform-agnostic solution, can be shared with total peace of mind on various Cloud platforms or within the company. The result is that the encrypted file remains accessible regardless of where it is stored.

An all-in-one solution. Our Stormshield Data Security offer is designed as an all-in-one solution. Its administrative, key management and log generation functions let you implement and manage IT security independently every day.

The keys belong to the company. The keys belong to the company. Encryption keys provide access to protected content, and form the critical point of any data protection solution. By retaining possession of the keys, you ensure that sensitive data remains totally confidential; nobody, not even a company administrator, can consult the data.

Encrypt your data with ease

A seamless solution. The Stormshield Data Security offer provides seamless data encryption for your collaboration and communication tools, email, and local or shared directories.

User-oriented protection. Never before has an encryption solution been so simple for users, who can maintain their existing working practices. At the heart of data security, the user determines who is authorised to access information.

Stormshield Data Security Enterprise

Manage your security by controlling access to encrypted data according to groups and profiles, with our SDS Enterprise solution.

You'll also find Smart File Reader, the free software for decrypting packages encrypted with SDS Enterprise, and Data Connector, for inserting SDS Enterprise protection into your business applications.

Stormshield Data Security for Google Workspace

Increase the level of protection of your sensitive data in Google spaces, with your SDS for Google Workspace solution.

Would you like a test version of SDS for Google Workspace? Do you need to administer your licences? Or manage your encryption keys? Access your dedicated Stormshield Data Security exchange interface.

Contact Stormshield teams

Do you have another question about data encryption with our Stormshield Data Security range of solutions? Our teams of experts, sales representatives and pre-sales engineers are at your disposal to answer your questions and to help you throughout your project to secure your data. As a reminder, our previous SDS for Cloud & Mobility solution is no longer supported. To meet your needs, its data encryption features have been integrated into the SDS Enterprise solution.

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Ensure regulatory compliance

Stormshield Data Security technology is developed in accordance with stringent market certification levels (Common Criteria, NATO Restricted, EU Restricted, ANSSI certification and qualification). These security guarantees are the basis of the trust placed in us by organisations with the most critical security needs: defence organisations and sensitive sectors, public and government departments, financial institutions, etc., and which make it possible to meet the requirements of international regulations on data encryption, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

SDS solutions are based on several strong encryption algorithms to meet the most stringent security requirements. The assurance of the strength of Stormshield encryption.

Stormshield Data Security, your 100% European, trusted encryption solution

SDS, 3 minutes to convince

In this video, Rémi Decheron, Stormshield Sales Specialist, takes us through the key points of Stormshield Data Security in 3 minutes.

SDS and data protection in the Cloud

With our Stormshield Data Security for Google Workspace solution, you can increase the level of protection for your sensitive data, which is exposed to the risks of the Cloud. This video shows how we securely encrypt information stored in Google workspaces.

HR and Data, experience story

A Retex video on Human Resources and the encryption of personal data.

Encryption portal

Protect, share and consult sensitive documents with external employees.