Stormshield Data Security for Google Workspace

The solution for controlling sensitive data in Google Cloud infrastructure

In the context of constant exchanges and communication in the Cloud, how can you ensure that practicality and resilience are on a par with trust? With client-side encryption (CSE encryption), increase the level of protection of your sensitive data exposed to risks in the Cloud. For this, our Stormshield Data Security solution provides secure encryption of information stored in Google Workspace.

Secure your Google space with Stormshield

A solution integrated into Google Workspace. The Stormshield Data Security solution is seamless and integrated into your regular Google workspace, enabling your business-line teams to create secure collaboration environments, regardless of the media, devices and applications involved. One click is all it takes to activate data protection.

A user-oriented policy. In addition to centralised security policies, the solution gives users the freedom to make decisions based on the sensitivity of the data they are handling. Thus, the "encrypt all Cloud-stored data" policy ensures that data is only accessible to the author. The author can then decide for themselves who this sensitive data may be shared with.

A separation of responsibilities. Cloud data is stored on servers beyond the scope of the company. There must, therefore, be a guarantee that the administrators of these platforms cannot consult sensitive data. In addition to file access controls, the data is also protected by a key for authorised users.


The Stormshield Data Security for Google Workspace offer is a turnkey and sovereign data-protection service. The encryption, decryption and user key management processes are handled entirely by Stormshield.

A product recommended by Google

To implement client-side encryption (CSE), Stormshield is an official Google partner: the Stormshield Data Security offer will seamlessly ensure that the user is correctly authenticated in the Google Workplace environment before, for example, enabling the decryption of sensitive data.

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SDS demo for Google Workspace

How can files in Google Docs be encrypted? If you want to learn more about the Stormshield Data Security solution and several use cases in Google Workspace, a video is sometimes worth a thousand words.

Stay in control of your data

When protecting sensitive data, the keys to access this information are as just as critical as the data they protect. As soon as their management is entrusted to a third party, it is vital for a company to retain control of them. Control of access keys is all the more important when the trusted third party also hosts sensitive data, as it could also easily access this data itself.

And to maintain control of the keys, the Stormshield Data Security for Google Workspace encryption service protects the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data. With client-side encryption (CSE), Google's storage servers therefore never see the data in an unencrypted form, nor the key used to decrypt it. This will ensure data security and confidentiality in Google Workspace.