What differentiates us

When you choose Stormshield, you’re working with a trusted player to make your business cyber-serene. But what really differentiates us? Find out how factors such as trust, thoroughness, close support and partnership make our approach unique!

There are many cyber-security solutions out there. However, not all of them provide the same level of effectiveness, robustness or – crucially – confidence. With these characteristics, Stormshield stands out in terms of its approach and its product range, which has earned it recognition for the quality of its solutions.

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Europe-wide product certification and qualification

Trust is a central issue in information systems security and protection solutions – and determines the effectiveness of these products. That’s why our various offers and solutions are an integral part of a proactive approach to transparency.

Internationally recognised standards of stringency

We are thus part of a continuous process of safety qualification and certification with the competent European authorities. All our R&D teams and development activities are in France, where we work in close collaboration with the ANSSI cybersecurity agency in areas such as reviewing the source code for our solutions to guarantee the absence of backdoors. With the launch of France’s Visas de sécurité certification system in 2018, Stormshield has in fact become the trusted publisher offering the widest coverage of security needs. In Spain, we have become the only firewall publisher to obtain both the Spanish Producto CCN Aprobado and Producto CCN Cualificado certifications, issued by Spain’s National Cryptology Centre (Centro Criptológico Nacional, CCN).

At the same time, our products and solutions are developed in accordance with the highest European safety requirements. They thus benefit from labels such as NATO Restricted, Common Criteria EAL3 and EAL4+, and EU Restricted.


Cyber-serenity is in your hands

See the Stormshield difference for yourself by taking a look at our complete range. We offer trusted solutions to protect your networks, users and/or data.

An approach based on close relationships

Nothing is too much trouble for our teams. Our certified and qualified offers and solutions are deployed in companies, industrial infrastructures, government institutions and defence organisations across an extensive network of more than 800 distribution and reseller partners in more than 40 countries. It is an approach that brings our motto to life: “Think globally, act locally.

Very close relationships are forged with our partners, thanks to the daily interactions conducted by the Channel team… and the initiatives undertaken with these partners to ensure we are close to our customers and can support them in their decision-making processes.

“We work confidently and hand in hand with our network of partners. To us, they represent the backbone of Stormshield”

Pierre-Yves Hentzen, CEO of Stormshield