Stormshield partners, a worldwide network of distributors and resellers

Stormshield has been maintaining its network of partners for almost 20 years. Today, it is made up of more than 800 distributors and resellers, operating in more than 40 countries.

The Stormshield ecosystem is a worldwide network of distribution and dealer partners. Acting as our on-site ambassadors, they are a practical expression of our strategy of thinking globally by acting locally. Based on mutual trust and proximity at all times, we maintain a strong relationship with them.

distribution partners and resellers around the world

A network built on trust

These corporate partnerships are the embodiment of mutual trust and a shared commitment to co-constructing the best service offers for our clients. Such collaboration requires the technical certifications necessary to join our Partner Connect programme. Digital trust is also essential in our partnership relationships.

So, do you want to resell trusted European cybersecurity solutions?

Close relationships: the core of our partnerships

These partner companies are Stormshield ambassadors all over the world. From a strictly geographical point of view, this allows us to adopt a very specific market approach, with local follow-up for improved speed and flexibility, enabling responses to be tailored to the specific situation.

On the relationship side, the close relationships forged by these partnerships result in greater availability, and are nurtured by frequent interactions with the Channel team.

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