Firewall comparison

Whatever the size or type of your company or organisation, you're looking for the best French firewall solution to protect your networks and ensure business continuity under all circumstances. Compare our firewalls and find the main questions you need to ask to ensure you make the right choice.

Comparative table of Stormshield firewalls

Stormshield Network Security: the European firewall. From the SN160 to the SN6100, via our virtual appliances and our industrial boxes, the SNi20 and SNi40, here are details and associated documentation for all our firewalls. Select the boxes that best suit you, and compare their different technical specifications: performance, VPN features, network connectivity, etc.

Looking for an extra-ruggedized firewall? Discover the SNxr1200 firewall, hardened to meet high network security requirements. Incomparable to the other SNS range, it is ideal for extreme aeronautical, space and military missions in critical environments.

Enterprise Firewall Comparison / Which Enterprise Firewall

How do I select my firewall?

Here are the three main questions you need to ask to ensure you choose the right firewall from the Stormshield Network Security range.

What are the different types of enterprise firewalls?

On the one hand, Next Generation Firewalls were yesterday about IPS and application monitoring functionalities. On the other hand, Unified Threat Management firewalls referred to anti-malware solutions. But UTM & NGFW are now mixed in their security concept. UTM refers more today to entry-level appliances, recommended for their ease of deployment and administration, while NGFW refers to larger solutions, based on a custom configuration. In addition to these two classic types of firewalls, new ones have had to be created with the arrival of cyber threats in operational and critical environments. Industrial firewalls and hardened firewalls are other types of solutions, adapted to strong constraints and allowing an optimal continuity of service. There is a Stormshield solution for every problem.

How easy is it to deploy?

Stormshield firewalls are all characterised by their ease of installation. And our graphical user interface ensures easy management and administration. For example, our rule consistency checking tool makes it easy for you to check your filtering policy. No more overlooked rules! Security has never been easier to deploy.

What level of performance should you choose for your firewall?

Although performance is of key importance when comparing firewalls, your choice will first and foremost be determined by your needs. Some specifications to bear in mind when comparing Stormshield products:

  • Firewall throughput, IPS throughput for performance ;
  • IPSec throughput, max. number of tunnels for VPN features ;
  • Network connectivity (interfaces).

However, other criteria may factor into your selection of the ideal network security product, such as issues of trust, certification and firewall qualification. Contact a Stormshield expert to help you narrow down the selection and choose the best European firewall on the market. Our teams are ready and waiting to discuss projects, arrange an appointment or handle any other request.