Impact-free protection

Detect and protect without impacting your industrial activity. This security appliance can be installed easily in industrial environments thanks to a simple setup procedure.

Integrate a product adapted to your environments

The network security product range is adapted to your requirements: in an IT Hardware format to protect the IT network or in an OT Hardware format with Stormshield SNi40, an appliance specifically designed to protect PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller).

One-stop administration

With Stormshield Network Security's global solution, integrate a single software product for a one-stop administration process regardless of the area of activity (OT or IT).

Technical specifications

Performance *

Firewall throughput (1518 byte UDP)

4.8 Gbps

IPS throughput (1518 byte UDP)

3.3 Gbps


IPSec throughput - AES-GCM

1.2 Gbps

Hardware (connect)

10/100/1000 interfaces


* Performance is measured in a laboratory and under conditions ideal for version 4.x. Results may vary according to test conditions and the software version.

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Network Security SNi40

Security Solutions for Industrial Systems


As trusted vendor, Stormshield deploys technologies that have been certified at the highest level in Europe. The awarded certifications and qualifications guarantee an adapted level of protection for the strategic data of even the most sensitive businesses and organizations. To comply with the French regulatory requirements (LPM - military programming law) on the qualification of detection and protection equipment for Information Systems of Vital Importance (SIIV), the SNi40 is also the only product on the market to have received First Level Security Certification (CSPN) from ANSSI.


These packs guarantee the continuous update of protection systems considered essential for the running of your business.

Industrial Plus Security Pack

Created for industrial companies that want complete control of their operational network’s security, this pack pairs combines security features with a complete map of your industrial environment. This map displays all the PLCs, operator consoles, cameras, and other elements components that communicate over the operational network.

Industrial Security Pack

This pack is specifically designed to protect industrial infrastructures that can be connected to the IT infrastructure. It is tailored to carefully finely filter and manage access to the operational network while ensuring in-depth inspection of industrial protocols.

Technical Support

You will benefit from the assistance provided by our multilingual technical support teams. Our teams are based in our premises, working closely and directly with the R&D teams. This will guarantee vendor expertise in addressing any issue.


Provided by Stormshield or by one of our certified and approved partners, our training courses allow you to acquire full knowledge on how to operate our products.

Webinars | The industrial world in the age of cyberthreats

In industry 4.0, operational technology (OT) is set to undergo profound change through its convergence with information technology (IT). This necessary change is made all the more difficult due to the profound functional differences between these two forms of network, the way they are managed and an increase in cyberthreats. In a series of three webinars, Stormshield shares its experience of the industrial world, explaining its different characteristics, the main challenges and the solutions regarding the security of these networks.

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