Intended for use in constrained operational and industrial environments, the SNi40 firewall protects your installations from all network threats. Discover the CSPN certified and ANSSI-qualified Stormshield Network Security Industrial Firewall.





SNi40: information in brief

SNi40 overview

This industrial firewall is specially designed to protect PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). It offers a wide range of functions: network segmentation, access control by IP or MAC address filtering, contextual packet analysis, control of operational messages and protocol compliance (IPS), secure remote maintenance communications (VPN). In addition, this box can be easily integrated into your industrial environment, especially in your control cabinets (on DIN rails), thanks to a simple commissioning procedure.

The SNi40 offers you both cybersecurity and cyber-serenity. It ensures the continuity of your activity thanks, in particular, to its high-availability system and operational network security mode, which keeps your production systems running without interruption even in the event of a failure.

CSPN industrial firewall

SNi40 certifications

The SNi40 is an industrial firewall certified at the highest European level. It is the first industrial firewall solution to have been awarded CSPN certification and qualification at the Elementary level, issued by ANSSI.

When you choose this Stormshield Network Security Industrial Firewall solution, you can be sure that your industrial infrastructure is covered by the best possible protection.

sni40 demo

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SNi40: technical information

Technical specifications

Performance *

Firewall throughput (1518 byte UDP)

4.8 Gbps

IPS throughput (1518 byte UDP)

3.3 Gbps


IPSec throughput - AES-GCM

1.2 Gbps


10/100/1000 interfaces



High Availability (Active/Passive)




* Performance is measured in a laboratory and under conditions ideal for version 4.x. Results may vary according to test conditions and the software version.

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SNi40 Datasheet

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SNi40: associated services

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