SNS training course

Learn all the intricacies of network protection with our dedicated training courses.

At Stormshield, our network protection training courses have been designed to be tailored to your individual needs and uses: mastering essential functionalities (CSNA),setting up expert configurations (CNSE) then analysing and diagnosing complex architectures (CSNTS),not forgetting management of the centralised administration console (CSMCE) and integrating our solutions in an industrial environment (CSNOT).

CSNA, CSNE and CSNTS training courses are recognised by ANSSI as being of high value for use in professional environments, and are listed in the Répertoire Spécifique directory produced by the France Compétences professional training regulator. They are also eligible for France’s Compte Personnel de Formation (lifelong personal training account) and are certified SecNumedu – Continuous Training by France’s ANSSI digital security agency. Please note that all SNS training courses are eligible for funding by OPCO skills bodies.

CSNA Training: Become a Network Protection Ace – 3 days / 21 hrs
With our Certified Stormshield Network Administrator (CSNA) training course, you’ll discover the features and installation procedures of Stormshield Network products within a traditional architecture over 21 hours.

CSNE Training: Shift up a gear – 3 j / 21 h
Choose our Certified Stormshield Network Expert (CSNE) training if you want to become a master at integrating and configuring all the features of Stormshield Network products within your corporate network. In order to follow this 21-hour training course, culminating in a certification examination, you must already hold CSNA certification.

CSNTS training: master all the intricacies of troubleshooting and network support – 4 days / 28 hours
These 28 hours of Stormshield Network Troubleshooting and Support (CSNTS) certified training will give you the tools you need to become your company’s go-to technical source for our network solutions. You need to have already obtained CSNE certification.

CSMCE training: extend your reach... across your network – 2 days / 14 hrs
To make it possible to quickly set up a consistent security policy on several firewalls (from two to thousands), individuals in charge of the network management console also have their own dedicated training: the Stormshield Management Center Expert (CSMCE) training, delivered over 14 hours. CSNA certification is a prerequisite for following this two-day certified training course.

CSNOT training: become an expert in OT networks – 1 day / 7 hrs
Do you want to learn how to integrate our products into industrial architectures and implement precise filtering on your industrial protocols? If so, our Certified Stormshield Network Operational Technology (CSNOT) training is for you. It is a 7-hour course, and requires you to have obtained the CSNA certification or completed the FSNOT training beforehand.

re-certification kits

In common with all good software, you’ll need to update your network/security expertise before the third anniversary of your certification. You can do this using our online re-certification kits, which allow you to renew your certification for an additional three years.


Want to find out about dates for network protection training courses? Discover our SNS training calendar.