Stormshield Network Security, essential features to protect your networks

SNS, the European firewall

The Stormshield Network Security firewall range provides the essential functionality you need to meet your business challenges. They are backed by trusted products that are certified to the highest European standards. These corporate rugged firewalls offer you a wide range of features. Not to mention an easy-to-use interface and end-to-end quality of service.


Real time

  • Network segmentation
  • Antivirus
  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Intrusion detection system (IDS)
  • High availability
  • Cloud based sandboxing
  • Rugged firmware

and monitoring

  • URL filtering
  • Content filtering
  • Geolocation of IPs
  • Detection of vulnerabilities
  • Application control


  • Management of multiple WAN links
  • Easy deployment of equipment on remote sites
  • VPN tunnels Management
  • Recognition of web applications (SaaS)
  • Flow routing by application and protocols
  • Bandwidth management (QoS)
  • Monitoring of link quality
  • Centralized management


  • Site-to-site and mobile IPSec VPN
  • Mobile SSL VPN
  • Enhanced Restricted mode

And these are just the headline features of our rugged firewall range. When you choose the SNS range of next generation firewalls, you are choosing a simple, easy-to-use security solution with a full set of core network protection features.

Trusted SD-WAN

Interconnection control, dynamic link selection, bandwidth management: SNS solutions also allow you to combine security and networking, around the essential SD-WAN functionalities. And while SD-WAN players offer network functionality, Stormshield offers a secure and trusted SD-WAN approach.

Want to know more about the features of SNS firewalls? Do you want to quickly discuss your security projects and specific SD-WAN needs? Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal.