Breach Fighter

Our solution for dynamically detecting sophisticated malware

Our Breach Fighter option enhances the functionality of your Stormshield appliances with analysis of your suspicious files. Add dynamic protection against unknown attacks to your cyber security solutions.

Optimum protection against cyberattacks

Breach Fighter is the perfect complement to our Stormshield Network Security firewall technology, scanning potentially dangerous files, whether downloaded from the Internet or attached to emails. Its cloud-based sandboxing functionality will make it your firewall's closest ally.

Suspicious about that attachment you're about to open in the email you’ve just received? Breach Fighter is also a free portal for detecting malware in your suspicious files. This Cloud-based sandboxing service lets you check all your files before opening them.

A trusted Cloud service

Cybersecurity is (also) a question of trust. In line with Stormshield's Cloud offerings, Breach Fighter is deployed in trusted European data centres to meet legal constraints and comply with European personal data protection regulations (GDPR).

An easy-to-integrate option

The Breach Fighter solution is a one-click activation process on a Stormshield firewall. No equipment to add, and therefore no impact on your infrastructure.

Breach Fighter: questions & answers. Do you have a technical question about Breach Fighter? Would you like a trial version? Or a price estimate? If you require any commercial or technical information, please contact our teams.