The Stormshield Academy Partnership Programme

Tap into the full range of expertise of the best Stormshield cybersecurity training courses in your partner universities and schools!

The Stormshield Academy partnership

Don’t just shine: shed some light! Prevention is better than cure, they say! An approach that aligns precisely with the work of our teams at Stormshield. Their daily life? Setting up prevention solutions against the risks of cybercrime, and thus protecting companies against the digital "evils" that threaten them.

But prevention also means training. That's why we at Stormshield are keen to pass on our know-how. Through the Stormshield Academy – a partnership between our company and universities and schools – we are helping to develop the skills of the IT specialists of tomorrow.

Do you want to see your teachers benefit from the support of IT security experts, and your students complete their training with a certification that is in demand on the job market? If so… join us!


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Stormshield examination centre schools


active teachers


students already certified under the programme

Want to know more about the Stormshield Academy? Open the doors and find out how it works.


Training for teachers

Because even the wise gain wisdom through listening. At the Stormshield Academy, the “back to school” approach is conducted firstly at the teacher's own pace, and with full independence. Training sessions are available in remote format.

For each of these courses, the teacher has access to our teaching resources (course materials, virtual environment, etc.) and technical resources (MyStormshield account, Stormshield boxes, etc.). Valuable tools to help you pass your exam.

Equipment for students

Because nothing beats practice. Our expertise in cybersecurity would count for nothing if it didn’t feature real-world issues. That’s why our Stormshield Academy partnership includes equipping the classrooms of our partner schools and universities free of charge with virtual teaching machines that we supply to teachers and students so that they can practise in conditions that resemble the real world.

Our partnership also includes exclusive offers for acquiring physical equipment. Everything you need to put certified professional products at the heart of the curriculum!

Certifications for improved professional integration

Because an extra asset can make all the difference. Improving the employability of students from the Stormshield Academy is also part of our contract. With this in mind, our partnership features an option to upgrade to CSNA Stormshield certification at a preferential rate for students. This certification gives future employers peace of mind that specific network protection skills have been acquired – which can make all the difference on the labour market.

As you can see, there are a host of advantages to the school-business partnership.


Institutions: certification centres

How can I join the Stormshield Academy? The Stormshield Academy partnership programme is open to BTS and IUT higher education courses, universities and grandes écoles. More and more of you are taking part in the Stormshield adventure!

Take a look at the institutions / certification centres…

  • École nationale de commerce de Bessières
  • ENSIBS Vannes
  • IMT Mines d'Alès
  • IMT Nord Europe
  • INSA Lyon
  • IUT de Nouvelle Calédonie
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms d’Aix-marseille
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms d’Annecy
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Bethune
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Béziers
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Blagnac
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Caen
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Clermont Ferrand
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Colmar
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Dijon Auxerre
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Kourou
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de La Rochelle
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de La Roche-sur-Yon
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Nancy Brabois
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Nice
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Poitiers
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Reims
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Roanne
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Valence
  • IUT Réseaux et Telecoms de Vélizy
  • Lycée Albert Londres de Cusset
  • Lycée André Malraux d’Allonnes
  • Lycée Bonaparte de Toulon
  • Lycée Douanier Rousseau de Laval
  • Lycée Gaston Berger de Lille
  • Lycée La Colinière de Nantes
  • Lycée La Martinière Duchère de Lyon
  • Lycée Louis Armand de Paris
  • Lycée Marc Bloch de Sérignan
  • Lycée Nelson Mandela de Saint-Benoit
  • Lycée Rene Cassin de Strasbourg
  • Lycée Robert Schuman de Metz
  • Lycée Saint Exupéry de Saint Raphaël
  • Lycée Saint Paul Bourdon Blanc d'Orléans
  • Lycée Sainte Marguerite de Chambray Lès Tours
  • Mewo

and other key partnerships.

In Spain:

  • University of Castilla La Mancha
  • University of León

In Poland:

  • Politechnika Czestochowska
  • Zespół Szkół Łączności
  • University WSB - Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa

In Senegal:

  • University Cheikh Anta Diop

In France:

  • Réseau CERTA des enseignants de BTS SIO
  • École Hexagone
  • CESI École d'ingénieurs

Do you have any questions? Contact the Stormshield training teams directly by e-mail to discuss your project in more detail.