Data encryption in Google Workspace: increase the security of your Google workspace

Google Workspace, a collaborative tool, is becoming increasingly important in organisations, which use it on a daily basis. But how can you ensure that practicality and resilience are on a par with trust and the security of your data? Increase the level of protection of your data that passes through Google Workspace.

Protect your data in Google Workspace

How does data security work with Google Workspace? The Google Workspace environment comprises Client-side Encryption, with the aim of enabling companies to use their own encryption keys to protect Google Docs documents, Google Slides presentations and Google Sheets spreadsheets stored in Google Drive, as well as Google Meet video conversations, Google Calendar information, and information exchanged in Gmail.

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Use a service recommended by Google

How can you encrypt a sensitive file in Google Workspace? Use an official Google partner: the Stormshield Data Security (SDS) offer is fully integrated into the Google environment. Sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted automatically in the browser with no additional action required from the user.


Strengthen Google Workspace native protection

When protecting sensitive data, the keys to access this information are as just as critical as the data they protect. As soon as their management is entrusted to a third party, it is vital for a company to retain control over them. Control of access keys is all the more important when the trusted third party also hosts sensitive data, as it too could easily access this data itself.

Controlling encryption keys therefore ensures that Google's storage servers never see the data in clear text, nor the key to be used to decrypt it. This will ensure data security and confidentiality in Google Workspace.

Maintain the Google user experience

How can the ease of use provided by the Google environment be maintained? To be effective, the action of securing sensitive data must be on a par with the ease of use provided by the Google environment and must therefore integrate protection functions as close to business-line flows as possible. This is because unsatisfactory user experience reduces the acceptance of data protection solutions and thus slows down their deployment.

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