Stormshield Management Center

Our centralised security management solution for multi-site infrastructures

Administer all your Stormshield Network Security firewalls from one place. And facilitate your monitoring, configuration and maintenance tasks with the Stormshield Management Center features.


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Stormshield Management Center: information in brief

SMC overview and datasheet

Designed to address the specific characteristics and requirements of multi-site networks, our Stormshield Management Center (SMC) solution will impress you with its many advantages, including its operational simplicity. Stormshield Management Center exchanges configuration or supervision data for SNS firewalls in real time, while ensuring their confidentiality and integrity. Its intuitive graphical interface minimises configuration errors, while its global management of security and filtering policies means no more repetitive tasks.

This simplifies your maintenance schedule and frees up your time for higher added value security operations.

SMC demo

Would you like to test our Stormshield Management Center solution before making your decision? Easy, just click on the link to access our demo environment.

Stormshield Management Center: technical information

Some features to remember:

  • Supervision of SNS firewalls and VPN tunnels
  • Definition of filtering policies
  • Management of VPN topologies
  • SD-WAN management and monitoring
  • Automatic creation of VTI (Virtual Tunnel Interfaces)
  • Possibility of secure external connections through API Rest
  • Scheduled or deferred script execution
  • Direct connection from SMC to Stormshield Log Supervisor for quick access to all events
  • Authentication on local directory or external server
  • Automatic backup and centralization of SNS and SMC configurations

Open up your network security to your ecosystem

Your third-party tools can communicate with the Stormshield Management Center solution through a Rest API. This technology standard allows multiple solutions from different vendors to interact with each other securely.

This allows you to monitor information about your Stormshield Network Security firewalls and run scripts on them. This allows for optimised management, transparent configuration and improved security.

Optimise SD-WAN security

The administrator can centrally create firewall rules for specific web or SaaS services directly in the Stormshield Management Center solution.

In addition, the Stormshield Management Center solution allows the administrator to automatically create VTI interfaces on firewalls when creating a route topology. This can be used in static routes and SD-WAN filtering rules. This reduces the risk of errors, saves time and optimises the SD-WAN in the organisation.

A more exhaustive list of SMC's features can be found in the product datasheet. And if you have more technical questions or require more information about our Stormshield Management Center solution, contact our pre-sales teams.

SMC documentation & guides

You can find all SMC's technical documentation, including installation guides, user guides, technical notes and release notes, on our dedicated website.

SMC in pictures

Stormshield Management Center: associated services

Stormshield supports you step by step, according to your needs and your maturity in terms of cybersecurity.


Learn how to integrate, configure and monitor our SMC product with our high-level certification training.


Our service and security packages offer you continuous protection system updates and access to technical support.

Technical support

In France and abroad, our technical teams are always close at hand to ensure the security of your software and hardware infrastructure, giving you guaranteed continuity of service.

Stormshield Management Center: trial version & prices

Would you like a trial version of our Stormshield Management Center solution? Contact our sales team.

Would you like a price estimate for purchasing our SMC solution? Find and contact our nearest reseller partner to you.

Stormshield Management Center & deployment in the Cloud

Alongside the Stormshield Network Security (SNS) firewall solution, the SMC solution integrates seamlessly into the Cloud. The solution can be found on the trusted French Cloud 3DS OUTSCALE and its OUTSCALE Marketplace platform.