• Healthcare | How Thai Health Promotion Foundation ensures secure network exchanges

  • Public administration | Enhancing internal network security: a priority for local authorities

  • Public administrations | How a government agency is strengthening its network security

  • Media | How “Le Monde” protects the work of journalists

  • Public administrations | How a Ministry of Defense reconciles cyber protection and sovereignty

  • Industry | How to renovate the control systems of power generation plants for more cybersecurity

  • Education | How the University of León is training the cybersecurity professionals of tomorrow

  • Defence | How a leader in satellite operations protects its datacenters

  • Events | How a major French stadium strengthened the protection of its IT system

  • Healthcare | How a private clinic is digitising its business… while still protecting its data

  • Healthcare | How a hospital group is organising itself to reinforce its cybersecurity

  • Transport | An effective protection to ensure the security of a large volume of sensitive connections

  • Transport | Communication and streamlined data exchange entities

  • Public administrations | A new VPN infrastructure for an ever-changing network

  • Healthcare | Regional hospital groups: how to optimise the security of unified information systems

  • Industry | Global visibility of information systems to improve cybersecurity

  • Industry | Optimising cybersecurity for water management

  • Media | TAT Productions: Securing your computer network without stifling your creative talents

  • Transport | SNCF réseau: Strengthening the security of IT and OT networks

  • Public administrations | Vichy Community: a solution for remote site management

  • Maritime | Port Boulogne Calais: a high-performance solution to meet ever-increasing needs

  • Industry | Rossmann : a responsive solution for securing long-distance connections between sites

  • Industry | Energy sector: a comprehensive solution to improve Data Privacy

  • Industry | Data Protection: an agnostic solution to guarantee Data Privacy

  • Maritime | Pleasure boats: a comprehensive international protection

  • Education | University of Cergy-Pontoise : a reliable solution for provoding wi-fi coverage

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