The Stormshield technology partner ecosystem, interactions and cooperation as vital resources in the fight against cybercrime

Worldwide trusted partnerships

The world of cybersecurity comprises a multiplicity of players with diverse and complementary expertise. Cooperation, information sharing and continuous improvement of security solutions are key to dealing with the explosion of threats and sophisticated cyberattacks. For this reason, Stormshield has decided to pursue a policy of openness towards the ecosystem and work with other players to develop joint solutions, share threat information and collectively improve our customers' defences.

Our focus on offering our customers the best possible level of security means that we use recognised market solutions. For this reason, we combine our skills with the expertise of our technological partners, not only in the interests of product integration and interoperability, but also in line with a philosophy of creating an ecosystem of trusted partners.

Expertise from Airbus. As a 100% subsidiary of Airbus Defense & Space Cyber Programmes, we share the same skillset and purpose: to provide cybersecurity and data protection for organisations, their employees, and their customers. Today, our teams offer complementary services: using Stormshield products, Airbus Defense & Space Cyber Programs provides a wide range of additional services (CyberRange, SOC, Cyber-consulting, etc.).

Stormshield white-label partners

Some partnerships are baked directly into our solutions, being run on a white-label basis to enable easy implementation of Stormshield’s solutions.


Stormshield firewalls incorporate Bitdefender's European anti-malware technologies and the URL filtering engine, which are acknowledged as being some of the most effective on the market. They draw upon the expertise of their own Threat Intelligence team and feedback from millions of sensors around the world.


The Stormshield Log Supervisor solution is based on Logpoint’s SIEM solution, letting you view the status and events of your network at a glance. This improves the visibility of the logs and streamlines your response to incidents.

Through this technological partnership, Stormshield enriches the IP reputation engine of its Stormshield Network Security firewall range by incorporating threat IP databases from Sekoia, a player specialising in Threat Intelligence and recognised by France’s ANSSI cybersecurity agency.


To ensure confidential communications, Stormshield integrates VPN solutions from TheGreenBow. The combination of this qualified VPN client with our Stormshield Network Security firewalls ensures end-to-end trust for IPsec communications.


Vade, which has been awarded the France Cybersecurity label, develops spam filtering and email protection solutions. Stormshield incorporates these capabilities into its Stormshield Network Security firewalls, offering better protection against email-based cyber attacks.

Interoperable partners with Stormshield solutions

We won't be able to win the cyberwar on our own, so it’s vitally important for Stormshield solutions to be able to communicate with other cybersecurity solutions.


Stormshield Network Security firewalls are integrated with Centreon, an IT monitoring solution for small and medium-sized companies.


Stormshield Data Security is fully integrated with Dropbox to provide end-to-end encryption of documents exchanged on the platform.

Gemalto (Thalès)

For the most demanding environments, Stormshield Data Security integrates with Gemalto's SafeNet MobilePKI hardware security solution to ensure the security of sensitive data.

IBM QRadar

To integrate with large-scale infrastructures that upload all event logs to a SIEM, Stormshield has developed an IBM Security QRadar DSM connector to support Stormshield Network Security firewall logs.


This German company develops the Arp-Guard network access control (NAC) solution. Features for detecting peripherals in IT & IoT networks, controlling and managing network access using highly precise security policies, and complete network topology, all enhance the network protection offered by Stormshield Network Security firewalls, thanks to the interoperability between the two solutions.


A European pioneer in SIEM and log management, the Logpoint platform collects, analyses and correlates the logs generated by Stormshield Network Security appliances to give you the best possible insight into the security of your infrastructure.

Nozomi Networks

With Nozomi Networks technology, users can easily detect intrusions or attacks and automatically trigger a rule for Stormshield Network Security firewalls to defeat the attack and minimise the risk of errors.


Stormshield Network Security firewalls are interoperable with Prelude, a French SIEM solution intended for OIVs (operators of vital importance).


The Seckiot probe, dedicated to industrial networks, is interoperable with Stormshield firewalls. An ideal combination for mapping and segmenting your IoT networks, with two French players in industrial cybersecurity.

Sesame IT

Independently certified by the ANSSI, the Stormshield Network Security range and the Jizô NxDR solution from Sesame IT are now interoperable. They address the cybersecurity challenges of companies and organisations who conduct critical and sensitive activities.

Skybox Security

Skybox is a network modelling and simulation solution aimed at customers with multi-brand hybrid networks. Stormshield support makes it possible to integrate Stormshield Network Security firewalls into the overall network map and implement double-barrier security mechanisms.


To exploit the large volumes of logs from Stormshield Network Security firewalls and provide our customers with meaningful visual interpretations, Stormshield has developed a plugin available on the Splunk application database.


Trust Builder's strong authentication solution strengthens Stormshield Network Security firewall authentication mechanisms while maintaining a single solution for all enterprise systems.


Packaged as a "virtual network function", our Stormshield Network Security firewalls satisfy the needs of network providers in combination with UBIqube's orchestration solution. SNS solutions are built into the UBIqube solution as standard, making it quick and easy to create services for customers.


WALLIX offers a solution for protecting identities and access to IT infrastructures, applications and data. In this context, interoperability with Stormshield Network Security solutions enables automatic management of password rotation for network administrators wishing to access Stormshield firewalls. In this way, old or forgotten accounts giving access to firewall settings cannot be used.

Trusted Stormshield partners

Building trusted cybersecurity is also a task that requires many hands. That's why we also work with renowned players with a French, European and global cybersecurity reputation.

Schneider Electric

A leader in industrial automation and controls, Schneider Electric has been involved with Stormshield from the beginning to address industrial cybersecurity issues. The complementary nature of the two players has enabled the development of a firewall offering suited to a large number of industrial infrastructures.


Seclab's "made in France" products enable secure interconnection between industrial OT and IT networks and OIVs. By providing electronic physical partitioning, this technology – coupled with Stormshield Network Security firewalls – ensures an optimal level of protection, combining fine-grained protocol inspection and strong network segmentation.


Siemens is one of the first companies in the sector to tackle the subject of industrial cybersecurity head on. The Siemens-Stormshield partnership was therefore naturally built on constructive discussions with the aim of improving the protection of industrial infrastructures.

Have a question about a particular partnership in the list above? Compliance and policy management, log management, network segmentation, IP reputation, encryption and VPN... do you need more details on a use case?

Vincent Nicaise, Industrial Partnership and Ecosystem Manager, Nicolas Van Den Torren, Head of IT Partnerships, and Charles Geismar, Product Manager, are available to discuss your questions and projects.

Marketplaces and hypervisors to find Stormshield solutions

Every marketplace has its own Stormshield solution.

You can find the Stormshield Network Security solution on both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Thanks to the wide variety of environments supported by Stormshield and their interoperability, it’s simple to switch between Cloud platforms – whether public or private. This lets you easily migrate your Stormshield Network Security solution at the same time as your services.

Because data sovereignty implies the sovereignty of the solutions responsible for ensuring their security, Stormshield is proud to be listed among the hosting providers certified SecNumCloud by the French agency ANSSI - the label for a French sovereign cloud. As a result, we are one of the solutions available in the 3DS OUTSCALE marketplace and offered as a managed service by Cloud Temple.

Implement a data protection overlay for Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 with Stormshield Data Security.

Lastly, with Stormshield Network Security virtual appliances, there’s no need to change technology. They are supported by most of today’s virtual environments: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack and KVM.