Stormshield Network Security firmware, latest updates to version 4.x

Strengthen your network security with SNS v4.7

An optimum protection and improved performance for your SNS firewalls with firmware v4.7: increase access security with user authentication in virtualised desktop infrastructures (VDI) with simple, effective implementation; boost the throughput of your SSL VPN tunnels by up to 4 times with remote access optimisation; benefit from a new European URL filtering engine for the Extended Web Control option.

You'll also benefit from easy deployment in disconnected environments thanks to offline active update, improved blocking of compromised URLs and better understanding and visualisation of threats with IP/domain recovery.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

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What’s new in SNS V4.5 & V4.6

What’s new in SNS V4.4

  • Improve the quality of your communications while rationalizing the cost of your Internet links
  • Optimize Web applications in real time
  • Benefit enhanced DPI analysis of IEC61850-MMS protocol

What’s new in SNS V4.3

  • Ensure better quality of service (QoS) for your different uses
  • Improve the quality of communications for your critical applications
  • Optimize your overall link management strategy

What’s new in SNS V4.2

  • Enhanced overall security
  • General hardening of the embedded SNS firmware
  • Increased resistance against attacks attempting to exploit the firewall itself
  • Securing VPN links (reinforced IPsec VPN mode, aligned with the IPsec DR reference defined by the ANSSI)
  • Secured TLS 1.3 flows

What’s new in SNS V4.1

  • Significantly optimised HA failover time
  • DPI analysis of IEC 61850 protocols (MMS, Goose and SV)
  • Replacement of the ISP’s router by supporting additional DHCP options

What’s new in SNS V4.0

  • Support the growth of your network
  • Optimise your administration task
  • Optimise diagnostics with improved Monitoring and Configuration workflow
  • Manage network settings easily
  • Filter traffic by MAC address
  • Protect Profinet industrial environments
  • Increase VPN Security