Firmware SNS V4.0

Enhanced VPN security

Increase VPN security

The most sensitive environments require a higher level of communications security

Secured storage

The TPM module used in SN3100 products offers a hardware storage solution that increases the security level of VPN certificates

Protect new
industrial environments

Protection against known and unknown attacks

Deep Packet Inspection is a real advantage over signatures that can only block known threats

Control the messages with network segmentation

MAC address filtering covers all types of Profinet industrial protocols

A new interface

A clear view

Benefit from your new graphical interface
Control the global status on your dashboards, redesigned to show the essentials

Optimise your administration tasks

Accelerate problem troubleshooting and fixing, between Monitoring and Configuration.

And also

Support of ARPING
Optimised update of cluster
Redesign of proxy mechanism
Simplified DCERPC plugin
Supervision of Wifi interfaces
Export an identity or a certificate
MAC address filtering
New panel of certificates management
Responsive design of captive portal
Refresh of the SSHD configuration


What’s new in SNS V4.0

Support the growth of your network
Optimize your administration task
Optimize diagnostics with improved Monitoring and Configuration workflow
Manage network settings easily
Filter traffic by MAC address
Protect Profinet industrial environments
Increase VPN Security

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