Firmware SNS V4.X

The latest version of SNS firmware

Strengthen the overall security of your firewalls

  • General hardening of the embedded SNS firmware
  • Increased resistance against attacks attempting to exploit the firewall itself

SNS V4.2

Make your VPN connections more secure

Mode to enforce strengthened IPSec VPN • Alignment with the IPSec DR rules defined by French security agency ANSSI

Secure TLS 1.3 flows

  • IPS analysis of TLS 1.3 protocol
  • Detection of protocol non-conformities

But also

  • Improvement of the IPSec VPN monitoring panel
  • Supervision of throughput for each VLAN
  • IPS analysis of the RDP protocol over UDP
  • SPNEGO authentication for Windows Server 2019

Incredible performance with SNS v4.x firmware

SNS V4.X Firmware

is also


Enhanced VPN security

Increase VPN security

Secured storage TPM module used in SN3100

Redesign of proxy mechanism

Simplified DCERPC plugin

Refresh of the SSHD configuration

Export an identity or a certificate


Control the messages with network segmentation

MAC address filtering

Support of ARPING

Optimised update of cluster

Responsive design of captive portal

Supervision of Wifi interfaces


Modern, clear and streamlined interface

More synthetic dashboard

Faster visualization of logs

Diagnostics operations

Separate configuration and monitoring

Navigation with context conservation

New panel of certificates management

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Protection of industrial protocols

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What’s new in SNS V4.1

  • Significantly optimised HA failover time
  • DPI analysis of IEC 61850 protocols (MMS, Goose and SV)
  • Replacement of the ISP’s router by supporting additional DHCP options

What’s new in SNS V4.0

  • Support the growth of your network
  • Optimise your administration task
  • Optimise diagnostics with improved Monitoring and Configuration workflow
  • Manage network settings easily
  • Filter traffic by MAC address
  • Protect Profinet industrial environments
  • Increase VPN Security