Administration tools for SNS firewalls

SMC: centralised management of Stormshield firewalls

Stormshield Management Center (SMC) allows you to centrally and securely administer your Stormshield Network Security firewalls.

And with its features and intuitive graphical interface, you can optimise your supervision, configuration and maintenance processes. Do away with repetitive tasks.

SLS: large-scale Stormshield log management

It’s no fun spending time analysing your security events in order to detect potential problems, not to mention finding a specific event in this mountain of logs... With Stormshield Log Supervisor (SLS), you can view your network’s status and events in the blink of an eye. You’ll improve log visibility on your network and optimise incident response.

Based on the EAL3+ certified LogPoint solution, a European leader in security information and event management solutions, SLS also meets legal requirements and resolves operational issues related to long-term log storage and management.

SVC: our free log management solution for small sites

To ensure that everyone can enjoy improved information system security, we offer Stormshield Visibility Center (SVC), our free solution for businesses or organisations with low-end and mid-range firewalls (SN160 up to SN910).

This solution offers a unified presentation of logs from our SNS firewalls, as well as our SDS Enterprise and SES solutions. It also lets you customise your dashboards, and create or adapt visualisations in order to offer a solution that keeps adapting to your needs.

In addition to our administration tools, you’ll also enjoy Stormshield’s technical support. Even when faced with the most complex situations, our mission is to respond quickly and efficiently in order to bring you digital peace of mind.