Stormshield Professional Services: publisher expertise at your side

Support from cybersecurity experts

Whether you’re a partner, supplier or customer, we're here to support you in implementing your complex infrastructures. Our internal Professional Services teams ensure optimal deployment (installation, update, operation) in France and abroad.

Do you have a plan for implementing our security solutions in a specific configuration? Do you need support for a complex infrastructure setup?

Advising you with your complex cybersecurity issues

Consulting is the core business of our Professional Services. Take advantage of their tailor-made strategic services for our three product ranges:

Stormshield Network Security

  • validation of network architecture,
  • technical assistance when deploying or commissioning an advanced feature,
  • support during major updates,
  • security and health checks for your firewalls,
  • ...

Stormshield Endpoint Security

  • audit and review of your security policy,
  • skills transfer,
  • assistance with installation and updates,
  • ...

Stormshield Data Security

  • rebuilt public key infrastructure (PKI),
  • operational continuity support for your growing pool of equipment,
  • assistance with installation and updates,
  • ...

Technical Account Management

This cross-disciplinary support includes customer project monitoring (Technical Account Management), skills transfers on themes specific to your deployment and the provision of a regular point of contact for operational continuity support.