Protection of workstations and servers in companies: endpoint protection and cyber risks

As the first point of contact between the outside world and the company, workstations and servers are a frequent target for cyberattacks. For this reason, special attention must be paid to their security.

Reinforcing endpoint protection for workstations

Often seen as the weakest links in IT security, terminals include all devices that connect to a company’s core network: desktops and laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers and all other devices (whether smart or not) that we may be required to connect to the internal network.

However, all these terminals could potentially be hijacked and used by cyber-criminals as an entry point to penetrate your computer system in order to install malware or gain access to your data.

Preserving server security

Servers are also classified as terminals in a network, and are specifically designed to store and share data. They thus provide access to hosted applications – making them essential to the business activities and smooth running of a company. They therefore represent a particularly coveted target for cyber-criminals, and generally require specific protection.

Stormshield Endpoint Security, a dynamic, robust protection solution

New working practices (mobile devices and mobile working) are often deployed in environments of uncertain security levels. This is a constraint that Stormshield has taken into account in designing a line of products to deliver workstation and server security.

With its ability to adapt to changes in the context of use, the Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) solution is able to adopt more robust security operations in risky mobility situations – and thus ensure the protection of mobile devices that pose a potential risk to your infrastructure.

Improve the cyber operational efficiency of your workstations and infrastructure

With Stormshield's XDR offering, you can be alerted in real time to events detected on your IT assets, manage the response and remediation elements and deploy the security policy on your workstations and servers in a way that correlates with the elements of your network.

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