Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution

Our certified Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution to strengthen the security of your desktops and servers


Stay protected with advanced detection

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution is the next generation endpoint and server protection solution. Based on signatureless analysis technology, the autonomous agent detects cyberattacks and threats and responds accordingly.


Reduce your attack surface

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution reacts automatically to its environment. This unique ability to adapt means that when the situation changes, immediate action is taken to harden the level of protection.


Benefit from a fast and tailored remediation capability

The administration of Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution is made easy to quickly initiate appropriate remediation actions and quickly return to a normal situation. The administrator can initiate actions on the logs sent by the agent in the console, either via predefined remediation actions or via custom remediation actions.

The multi-layered EDR solution that protects you first and foremost

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution is designed for organisations that want to protect themselves against sophisticated cyber attacks by deploying an EDR solution to detect these attacks and ensure an effective response. With its proactive approach, the solution focuses on prevention, providing long-term remediation and monitoring devices to raise the organisation's level of security. The product is completely autonomous and works without a signature.

In the race against the clock of cyberattacks, Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution is the multi-layered EDR solution that protects you first and foremost. It has even been awarded first-level security certification (CSPN), issued by ANSSI, for the Intrusion Detection category.

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Certifications & external opinions on Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution

Trust is a central issue in cybersecurity solutions. And the effectiveness of these solutions depends on it. That's why Stormshield Endpoint Security is part of our ongoing security qualification and certification process with the relevant European authorities. CCN-LINCE, CSPN, Cybersecurity Made In Europe, OPSWAT: these different international labels support Stormshield's approach to trusted cybersecurity and guarantee an appropriate level of protection for the strategic information of the most sensitive companies and organisations.

A word about CSPN

As defined on the French Cyber Agency ANSSI' website, certification is "an attestation of the robustness of a product, based on a compliance analysis and penetration tests carried out by a third-party assessor under the authority of the ANSSI". As part of the Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau (CSPN), the Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution code has therefore been documented and explained - a real guarantee of quality. It also means that the product has been tested by experts, a guarantee of reliability and robustness.

Using a certified product is a regulatory requirement for certain public and government bodies, or even certain industries. But it is also good practice for all other businesses: the security offered by the product is not just a statement by the publisher, but has been tested and validated by external experts. It's essential for trusted cybersecurity.

Need an external opinion on Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution? Get a better idea of the solution’s security potential with two external studies. A brief overview of the solution, its competitive advantages and key features, all examined in detail by recognised authorities in cybersecurity: AV-Comparatives and IDC.

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution, your 100% trusted European EDR solution

Proactive protection for your workstations

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution delivers new-generation cybersecurity with the ability to ensure complete protection for terminals and servers. The solution combines endpoint detection (Endpoint Detection & Response - EDR) and prevention (Endpoint Protection Platform - EPP) functions to proactively block the most sophisticated attacks and provide information for subsequent analysis.

A context-based approach to security

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution provides constant protection for any workstation, regardless of where and how it is used. It combines behavioural protection and device control to adjust the level of protection in response to the environment of the workstation it is protecting. The dynamic adaptability of the security policy ensures you an optimal level of protection.

Enhanced software architecture

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution has been designed and developed according to defensive software programming rules around a secure micro-services architecture. The solution’s ultra-hardened agent thus provides military-grade robustness against any attacks seeking to directly target it. In addition, it has a self-protection and self-repair mechanism that contributes to its robustness.

A console that fits your environment

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution is available On-Premise, SaaS or as a managed service. A single security solution for your users' satisfaction and peace of mind.

SES at the heart of the Stormshield XDR offering

With Stormshield's XDR offering, you can be alerted in real time to events detected on your IT assets, pilot the response and remediation elements and deploy the security policy on your endpoints in a way that correlates with the elements of your network.

Large-scale log management with Stormshield Log Supervisor

The Stormshield Log Supervisor solution gives you an at-a-glance view of the status and events of your endpoints. Improve log visibility and optimise incident response.

Upgrade your security level

Some advanced cyberattacks try to remain undetectable until the action for which they were deployed has begun. With Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting capabilities, you get improved detection of the most sophisticated attacks. Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution searches and identifies specific malware across your entire estate by integrating support for Yara rules (provided regularly by Stormshield or external organisations such as CERTs, national agencies, monitoring services, etc.) and by enabling the search for indicators of compromise (IoC).

Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution delivers a new-generation cybersecurity solution with the ability to ensure complete protection for terminals and servers faced with ransomware threats. All the necessary information and answers to questions about this major advance in the protection of your company's resources in a dedicated web page.

XDR Stormshield - sovereign solution

SES conformity

The Stormshield Endpoint Security solution has been developed in accordance with stringent market certification levels (Common Criteria, ANSSI qualification). These security assurances form the basis of the trust that organisations with the most critical security needs have in us: defence organisations or sensitive sectors, local and national government bodies, financial institutions, etc. And the application control and hardening of the administration workstations offered by Stormshield Endpoint Security enables you to comply with the security measures imposed by France’s LPM military planning law (applying to operators of vital importance – OIVs) and the European NIS directive (applying to operators of essential services – OES).


SES trusted security

Find out how Stormshield protects you. With Stormshield Security Portal, stay informed about the level of coverage our Stormshield Endpoint Security solution provides. And access several security operations: identify whether or not an IP address is present in our IP reputation databases, find existing SES rules and access the list of CVEs detected by our Vulnerability Management module.


SES training

With the Certified Stormshield Endpoint Administrator (CSEA) and Certified Stormshield Endpoint Expert (CSEE) trainings, optimize your knowledge in endpoint and server protection. With this certified training courses, you’ll learn in detail how to implement comprehensive protection for your workstations.

Stormshield Endpoint Security v7.2

In this SES range, version 7.2 of Stormshield Endpoint Security offers you a security solution that blocks sophisticated unknown attacks for obsolete environments such as Windows XP.

Find all the documentation relating to this product on our Technical Documentation site.