Data encryption in Gmail: secure your exchanges in your Gmail space

Gmail is now a must-have tool for many companies, organisations and even public institutions. But how can you ensure that practicality and resilience are on a par with trust? Increase the level of protection of your emails sent and received via Gmail.

Protect your Gmail space

Whether you are working on a file with an accountant or a lawyer, exchanging information with a journalist and his or her sources, or placing an order with a service company, more and more interactions involve a Gmail address. Why encrypt your data in Gmail? Because when information is exchanged by email, it is exposed to the risks induced by this type of use: interception, leaks and even data theft, etc. The data exchanged on Gmail varies from one organisation to another: HR data, accounting data, production data and even industrial data. But all this data has to be protected to ensure the sustainability of the organisation.

Use a product recommended by Google

How can you encrypt an email on Gmail? Use an official Google partner: the Stormshield Data Security (SDS) offer is fully integrated into the Google environment, including Gmail. Sensitive data can be encrypted and decrypted in the Google space.


Maintain the Google user experience

How does email encryption work with Gmail? Encrypting your emails enables you to continue sharing information from Gmail, but in a secure manner.

And how can the ease of use that Gmail provides be maintained? To be effective, securing sensitive data must be on a par with the ease of use provided by Gmail and therefore integrate protection functions as close as possible to business-line flows. This is because unsatisfactory user experience reduces the acceptance of data protection solutions and thus slows down their deployment.

Do you have a question about encryption in Gmail?

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