About us

When you choose Stormshield to protect your critical and operational infrastructures, you’re building a relationship of trust with men and women who are passionate about what they do. Stormshield: the European cybersecurity choice.

At Stormshield, cybersecurity experts in France and abroad ponder, plan and design the most reliable security solutions for the enterprise of today and tomorrow. In this changing world with all its sensitive data, our teams are driven by the twin goals of curiosity and solidarity as they seek to bring you the cyber-serenity your business needs.

Stormshield – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus Defense & Space Cyber Programmes (ex-Airbus CyberSecurity) – has industrial know-how to spare. Its French roots and strong values strongly inform the actions of its employees every day. For these specialists in sensitive and critical infrastructures, who carefully balance the “work hard, play hard” philosophy, it is first and foremost a question of becoming your trusted partners.

Discover a team with a passion for cybersecurity

Our community of enthusiasts draws its strength from the diversity and complementarity of the profiles that comprise it. Developer, IT security specialist, cyber security consultant, IT security engineer… each of these roles is engaged in a perpetual quest for innovation. This is why “innovation time off” (ITO) is one of our trademarks. These times allow our employees to get involved in improving products or internal processes, or contributing to open source projects. Being a Stormshielder means being a unique member of an agile collective. 

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Why work in cybersecurity?

At Stormshield, “customer centric”, “collaborative success” and “build trust” are not just values we practise externally. We treat our internal clients, from all sectors and roles, with the same thoroughness and sense of service. We also make a point of developing our skills to maintain our level of excellence. Our ambition is to foster a culture of individual commitment, serving the group to enable collective success.

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