Data encryption in SharePoint and OneDrive: secure your data in Microsoft 365 applications

OneDrive and SharePoint applications are used today in many companies, organisations and even public institutions. But how can you ensure that practicality and resilience are on a par with trust and the security of your data? Increase the level of protection of your information stored and exchanged in Microsoft 365 applications.

Protect your data in SharePoint et OneDrive

The OneDrive and SharePoint Online applications, integrated into Microsoft 365, as well as the SharePoint on-premises version, enable documents to be stored, worked on and shared. But why encrypt your data in a OneDrive or SharePoint space? Because when information is exchanged, it is exposed to the risks induced by this type of use: interception, leaks and even data theft, etc. The data exchanged on OneDrive and SharePoint varies from one organisation to another: HR data, accounting data, production data and even industrial data. But all this data has to be protected to ensure the sustainability of the organisation.

Collaborate securely in Microsoft 365 applications

How does protecting data in OneDrive and SharePoint work? Encrypting your files enables you to exchange your sensitive data in a secure manner. To do this, use a trusted solution: the Stormshield Data Security Enterprise (SDS) offer can be integrated into OneDrive and SharePoint applications. Sensitive data is automatically encrypted and decrypted for authorised persons, with no additional action required from the user.

Maintain the Microsoft 365 user experience

How can I maintain the ease of use provided by the Microsoft 365 ecosystem? To be effective, the action of securing sensitive data on OneDrive and SharePoint must be on a par with the ease of use provided by Microsoft 365 and therefore integrate protection functions as close to business-line flows as possible. This is because unsatisfactory user experience reduces the acceptance of data protection solutions and thus slows down their deployment.

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