Stormshield VPN Client

Our remote access security solution

Are you looking for a solution to meet your mobility and secure cross-site communication needs? Secure your remote access with our Stormshield VPN Client. SSL VPN, IPsec VPN, RD IPsec VPN: choose the formula that suits you best. And benefit from easy integration and deployment in complex IT environments.

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Easy and secure


A VPN client for day-to-day security

The Stormshield VPN Client solution enables you to establish secure connections to your complex or extended information systems and ensures a high level of security. With a solution that is easy to install and configure across the entire user base, you can focus on other more important tasks.

The only end-to-end sovereign remote access solution

Stormshield and TheGreenBow have a long history of working together and are both committed to a continuous process of certification and qualification of their products. With Stormshield VPN Client, you get the only sovereign end-to-end remote access solution. This provides a concrete response to the legal obligations of sensitive companies and organisations, like OSEs (Operators of Essential Service).

Enhanced security for network connections

In the Stormshield VPN Client Exclusive version, the solution benefits from an Always-On mode and automatically opens a VPN tunnel if the terminal is not connected to a trusted network previously defined by the administrator. This increases the security level of network connections, as all communications will always comply with the security policy defined on the firewall. In addition, the solution enables security to be maintained even when network access changes (Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, Ethernet, etc.).

These features also greatly improve the user experience, as users no longer have to worry about whether or not a VPN tunnel is necessary.

Strong authentication for every user

The Stormshield VPN Client solution demands quality and rigour by following the most powerful authentication protocols, algorithms and mechanisms. For example, use multi-factor authentication based on multiple smart cards to increase the security of your networks, and benefit from a solution that is compatible with the IPsec RD (Restricted Diffusion) standard of the French ANSSI agency to meet the ever-changing security requirements of complex and sensitive networks.

Stormshield VPN Client: questions & answers. Do you have a technical question about the VPN Client and VPN Client Exclusive solutions? Would you like a trial version? Or a price estimate? If you require any commercial or technical information, please contact our teams.