The SN-M-Series-920 firewall is designed for medium-sized organisations and satisfies requirements for scalability and modularity. It features the same enclosure as the SN-M-Series-720 and allows you to exploit the full potential of the platform with a simple software option.



and modularity


SN920: information in brief

SN920 overview & datasheet

Are you looking for a complete, modular network security solution? The SN-M-Series-920 UTM firewall provides protection for your infrastructure with its unified security system (antivirus, antispam, IPS, web/URL filtering, etc.). It also delivers a solution for your inter-site connection use cases (SD-WAN, dynamic link management, quality of service, VPN, etc.) and gives you continuity of service with its redundant power supply. Its network expansion capabilities give you a great deal of flexible configuration options. And lastly, the modularity of 1 GbE or 10 GbE copper and fibre interface options helps you to grow your infrastructure with ease.

36 Gpbs

8 GbE

6 Gpbs


business continuity and redundant power supply, delivering cybersecurity for your business

SN920 demo

Want to know more about our SN920 UTM firewall before you make your decision? Easy, just click on the link to access our demo environment and handle the product firmware.

SN920: technical information

Technical specifications

Performance *

Firewall throughput (1518 byte UDP)

36 Gbps

IPS throughput (1518 byte UDP)

16 Gbps


IPSec throughput - AES-GCM

6 Gbps


1Gb fiber interfaces


10Gb fiber interfaces


2,5Gb copper interfaces


10Gb copper interfaces



High Availability (Active/Passive)

Redundant power supply

Double integrated non-hot swappable



256 GB SSD

Chip TPM

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Having the latest firmware version ensures you're up to date in terms of new features and patches. Some major releases also deliver performance enhancements for the SN920 firewall. Explore the latest developments in the new version, including enhanced protection, easier management and new features.

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SN920: associated services

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SN920: trial version and pricing

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The uncertainties of your business can make it difficult for you to decide which firewall to choose. SN720 and SN920 feature a single platform for both products: increase the performance of your firewall without changing the box. Need more power for your firewall? A simple software option takes you from 18 Gbps to 36 Gbps firewall throughput, or from 4 Gbps to 6 Gbps IPsec VPN performance.