Stormshield solutions for OESs

Operators of Essential Services

Security solutions for critical infrastructure run by OESs

Because their information systems are extremely sensitive in the European Union, Stormshield assists Operators of Essential Services (OESs) in securing their information systems and achieving cyber compliance.

What does cybersecurity compliance for Operators of Essential Services entail

In addition to the cybersecurity measures for operators of vital importance (OIVs), introduced by the French military planning law (LPM) in 2013, the European Union has defined Operators of Essential Services (OESs) and established recommendations to ensure their compliance.

What does the NIS Directive say?

The European Union defined the concept of an OES in the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive of 2016. Having entered into force in France in 2018, it aims to ensure the same high level of security of networks and information systems throughout the EU.

For example, OESs should follow important recommendations issued by theEuropean Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), which operates at the European level.

Why secure OESs’ critical infrastructure?

OESs are defined by the European Union as actors providing an “essential” service (ES), the disruption of which would have a significant impact on the functioning of the economy or society of any EU country. They therefore have sensitive and critical infrastructures that require protection at all costs.

Trusted cybersecurity solutions

Opt for the European choice with Stormshield

Stormshield supports OSEs in deploying a protection system for their critical and sensitive infrastructure by means of several complementary and reliable solutions. Stormshield Network Security (SNS) firewalls are regularly submitted for qualification by the ANSSI, which attests to the robustness of these products as well as their trustworthiness. The Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) endpoint protection solution is developed to satisfy demanding market standards. Stormshield Data Security (SDS) data encryption solutions are based on technology certified at the highest European level.

The Stormshield Network Security (SNS) range of firewalls is based on trust, transparency, robustness and compliance with European legislation. For the protection of sensitive IoT networks, use the only industrial firewalls qualified by the French agency ANSSI: the SNi40 and SNi20. A guarantee of robustness and confidence.

The Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) solution is developed in accordance with the highest levels of certification in the market (Common Criteria, ANSSI qualification). With the application control and endpoint hardening offered by the solution, you can comply with the most stringent security measures.

Finally, the Stormshield Data Security (SDS) encryption solution is based on technology certified at the highest European level. It guarantees appropriate protection for all your organisation's strategic, sensitive and critical data.

Products qualified by France and Spain

The SNS range of firewalls, developed in France, guarantees the security of OSEs’ networks, in compliance with the highest level of European cybersecurity requirements. In France, it forms part of a continuous qualification and certification process with the ANSSI. In Spain, it also enjoys the twofold recognition of the certification body of the National Cryptology Centre (Centro Criptológico Nacional, CCN) in Spain, as qualified and approved products.

With Stormshield, you’re working with a European player with a reputation for creating trusted cyber security.

A decision to choose Stormshield means a vote for the image we reflect in terms of European, human and technical values, but also what we reflect in terms of legitimacy and trust.

Pierre-Yves Hentzen
CEO Stormshield

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