In a context of increasingly outsourced IT infrastructures, Stormshield Data Connector protects your business data with complete transparency and simplicity.

securing your business applications

Stormshield Data Connector gives you the ability to protect sensitive data in your business applications. This solution can be easily integrated into all your business data flows.

Tailored protection with transparency

The Stormshield Data Connector solution is based on encryption that is performed as close as possible to the data processing source, thereby encouraging its use by all users. This totally transparent solution also enables you to control the information issued by your applications and to track the operations performed.

A trusted solution

With Stormshield Data Connector, you are guaranteed reliable protection – linked to the Stormshield Data Security product, which is recognised at the highest European level. It also complies with personal data protection regulations. By choosing this solution, you are opting for optimal and reliable protection of your business data.

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Stormshield data Connector Documentation

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Stormshield Data Connector Datasheet

Stormshield Data Security Range Brochure

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