Smart File Reader

The simple, free solution for decrypting your files

A free decryption software for all your incoming files

Have you received a file that has been encrypted using Stormshield Data Security File, Security Box Smart File or Security Box File? Nothing could be simpler: using this free application, you can decrypt a file sent by your contact, and make changes to it, before sending it back with total security. No licence is required.

SmartFile Reader is a free application for decrypting files generated by Stormshield Data Security File, Security Box SmartFile or Security Box File. Here’s how it works.

Easy to install

The SmartFile Reader software is a standalone application that does not require complicated installation. Simply download it and launch it on your workstation.

Easy to launch

After downloading the software, simply click on it so that it recognises the encrypted files.

The software will launch automatically when you double-click on a file with the ".box" extension.

Making data encryption intuitive to use

Decrypting a file sent by an employee is simple: simply double-click on the file to launch SmartFile Reader.

 Click this icon to start decrypting the incoming file. Enter the password, and the decrypted file is automatically placed in your "My Documents" folder, where it can be opened and edited. Note that the original file is not deleted during this operation.

Before returning the edited file to your collaborator, it must be secured again. In practical terms, this means replacing the content of the ".box" file (sent by your collaborator) with the content you have just edited.

At the end of the operation, the ".box" file originally sent by your collaborator will contain the file that you have edited. Double-click the original file to launch the SmartFile Reader application.

  Clicking on this icon lets you choose the file to be secured (this is the file that you have edited and now wish to send to your collaborator). The new file will then replace the original one. Please note that the password used to protect this new file is the same as the password that was used to secure the original.

This software enables you to decrypt documents you have received. If you’re ready to go to the next level and send encrypted files yourself, check out the latest products in the Stormshield Data Security range.

And communicate in complete cyber-serenity.