Administraciones Públicas

The public increasingly calls upon administrations to provide information in a simple, rapid, reliable manner. Service continuity, a requirement for any information sharing, is one of the important factors when choosing network security tools. The public sector must meet the challenge of satisfying its citizens’ expectations, all while maintaining secure information systems. Deployed collectively, Stormshield solutions deliver an effective response to the risks of negligence and malware.

A vulnerable network is unacceptable.

When your critical infrastructure and sensitive data are at stake, only the maximum level of network security will suffice. For public administrations, confidential data must be secured at several levels:

  • The network level, by separating the critical architecture from the day-to-day working environment in order to control access to data
  • The application level, in order to prevent any intrusions

The cutting-edge Stormshield Network Security Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) guarantees maximum security against attacks thanks to its protocol analysis and its signature database, which together ensure a robust defense that is unique to the market. Stormshield Network Security integrates intrusion protection with unified zero-day threat management – complete with built-in antivirus software so as to offer total protection for all types of government agencies.

Internal protection: securing workstations

Poor understanding of IT security is a potential weak spot at the core of any team. It is often the source of employee negligence and a major cause of security incidents. Implementing protective tools is a simple and effective way to raise employee awareness of cybersecurity issues.

Choosing Stormshield Endpoint Security arms you with an essential tool to:

  • Manage user workstation behavior and determine which actions are considered legitimate and which are prohibited
  • Effectively fight against data leaks, data losses, viruses, malware, ransomware and other advanced threats that the public sector faces on a daily basis

Stormshield Endpoint Security also helps you manage the use of external storage devices (such as USB drives and other removable devices) and ensure that workstations are virus-free and have up-to-date Windows patches.

Future ready, right now

A security solution is an investment that pays off over several years. The “future-ready” approach is an integral part of Stormshield products, which are designed to provide an appropriate response to security threats over the long term. All Stormshield products guarantee a quick return on investment without sacrificing security.

Choose solutions you can trust

For any public sector actor, choosing a security solution is a decision requiring assurances that your vendor operates at the highest levels of quality. That is why Stormshield solutions have been certified by organizations known for their expertise and impartiality at national and international levels.

Our solutions boast the following certifications:

  • Cloud environment and network security: NATO, EU RESTRICTED, EAL3+, EAL4+
  • Data security: NATO, EU RESTRICTED, EAL3+
  • Workstation security: EAL3+, FIPS 140-2

All of these certifications guarantee that Stormshield remains at the cutting-edge of emerging security needs. They are recognized as trusted products by the French government and all other European countries that have ratified the Mutual Recognition Agreement.

These certifications constitute a level of confidence that is unique on the market. In simple terms, Stormshield is recognized as a leading vendor that offers both the convenience of easy-to-use functionalities and the impenetrable security that you expect for you and your citizens.