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Stormshield boasts a global network of certified partners – a network that supports our “Think Global, Act local” strategy. As a Stormshield certified partner, you receive a comprehensive partner package and enjoy benefits such as advanced training, support for your promotional activities and unrivaled technical assistance. Several partnership levels are available to best meet your specific needs and help you grow your business.

8 reasons to become a Stormshield partner

  1. Join forces with Europe's leading global cybersecurity company offering your customers trusted solutions that are certified at the highest level.
  2. Boost your sales and optimize your margins with year-round, personalized sales support.
  3. Secure new sales opportunities with exclusive marketing co-financing for partners.
  4. Obtain exclusivity on deals you identify for Stormshield products.
  5. Increase your IT security expertise and customer trust through dedicated training and technical support.
  6. Guarantee your customers security in real time with our Multi-Layer Collaborative Security strategy.
  7. Improve your brand visibility via our communication initiatives for partners.
  8. Take advantage of the rapid responsiveness that comes from our people-centric approach, regardless of where you operate.


Team up with us

Becoming a Stormshield solution reseller or distributor means choosing a win-win partnership that boosts your profitability and further strengthens your credibility with your customers.

Are you a reseller?

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