Sanidad y centros de salud

In recent years, the Healthcare industry has been a primary target for cybercriminals seeking personal data, medical insurance information and monetary gain. On top of this, medical confidentiality and data protection are legally required, as demonstrated by standards and regulations like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) or ePHI (electronic protected health information). The Healthcare industry therefore faces unique challenges in ensuring that data is not only secure, but also available at all times.

Guarantee 100% availability

Network failure or application downtime in the healthcare industry is literally a question of life and death. Although budgets are increasingly constrained, network availability and reliability are essential. In addition, regulations require that IT services be available even in the event of a network malfunction.

Stormshield Network Security offers a high availability (or fault-tolerance) feature in order to guarantee service continuity even in the event of a malfunction. The fail-over feature can also be used to ensure information system availability in the event of an operator failure.

The Stormshield Network Security suite also includes Quality of Service solutions that prevent network congestion and provide connectivity that is 100% reliable. Controlling bandwidth and prioritizing traffic will also protect you from denial-of-service attacks (DDoS). Lastly, Stormshield products are equipped with numerous features to make integration fast and easy, minimizing downtime during setup.

Protect medical files

In the United States, for example, HIPAA requires a broad spectrum of healthcare players to guarantee the security and integrity of medical files against unauthorized disclosure or use. Newer applications installed for patient convenience often contain vulnerabilities and serve as a target for malicious attacks. Both the regulatory framework and the real-life cyber threats targeting Healthcare organizations demonstrate the need for dynamic, proactive protection against both known and unknown attacks.

Stormshield’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) combines advanced protocol analysis and signature-based technologies in order to proactively prevent attacks and provide real zero-day protection for maximum security. Paired with antivirus software providing heuristic analysis and an antivirus signature database, the Stormshield solution offers complete protection for any healthcare provider, facility or related business.

Combine mobility and security

The centralization of patient data is on the rise, as is the mobility of medical personnel. The result? An ever-increasing volume of communication needs to be secured to prevent information from being compromised – all in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner.

Combining mobility and security is a major challenge for the healthcare industry. We help you overcome this challenge by offering solutions that make your infrastructure more mobile via IPSec VPN and SSL VPN features. With these technologies, you can ensure that medical data can be securely accessed at any time, from anywhere.

Secure workstations

A poor understanding of IT security by users is a major cause of security incidents. Implementing protective tools is therefore a way to raise employee awareness of cybersecurity issues.

Choosing Stormshield Endpoint Security arms you with an essential tool to:

  • Manage user workstation behavior and determine which actions are considered acceptable and which are prohibited.
  • Effectively fight against data leaks and losses as well as against viruses coming from malicious use of any company-issued IT equipment.

Stormshield Endpoint Security also helps you manage the use of external storage devices like USB drives and other removable devices, and ensures that workstations are compliant, virus-free and have up-to-date Windows patches.

Patient data management made easy

The recent European regulations on personal data protection (General Data Protection Regulation ) impose a significant constraints in terms of managing customer data. Your organization must take into account issues like confidentiality, storage location, data retrieval and recovery rights.

Stormshield’s solutions help you bring your organization into compliance thanks to its comprehensive set of features, such as:

  • Stormshield Network Security: isolate data storage infrastructures, configure access restrictions for each user and more.
  • Stormshield Data Security: end-to-end encryption regardless of where confidential data is stored – even in the Cloud.