Nuestros sitios web

Stormshield is also a collection of specialized websites. Click on the links below to find out more.

Our document management platforms

Once you’re in your customizable MyStormshield Customer area, you’ll be able to find the documentation section for our products, manage your licenses and contact our technical support.

User manuals, installation guides and other release notes: on the Stormshield Documentation website, you will find all your Stormshield products technical documentation.

On the Stormshield Advisories platform, you will find all the security notices we have published since July 1, 2014. These security notices are published when our products run the risk of being vulnerable to certain attacks. Keep in mind that we have purposefully avoided providing a detailed analysis of vulnerabilities because it could be used by attackers to target our products.

Our collaborative platforms

On the ThisIsSecurity blog, the Security Intelligence team shares its discoveries by means of articles and conferences with renowned partners to transfer knowledge to the security community.

Co-LAB demonstrates Stormshield’s intention to improve synergy among its product portfolios and lays the foundation for a concrete and effective way of sharing company values. If you’d like to join us, please contact your commercial or pre-sales representative.

Open Community is an online area where users can share feedback on experience, talk about what they have learned, and discuss network security and Fast360 products.

Our certification platforms

For students on Stormshield courses, Stormshield Institute is the platform used for certification exams. It also provides access to the latest versions of training materials as well as a handful of digital learning modules.

Our country sites

Through our reseller Dagma, Stormshield is also active in Poland.