Seguridad de red

Performance, scalability, business continuity... the core features of Stormshield firewalls satisfy all the protection needs of networks, whether they are IT or OT.

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Transparent, cross-functional security

Stormshield firewalls are equally suited to IT and OT environments alike, providing security across your entire IS and transparency for administrators and users, regardless of the hardware used. Discover the wide range of SNS firewalls, including UTM firewalls, next-generation firewalls, hardened firewalls and industrial firewalls.

How do you choose the right Stormshield firewall for your organisation?Physical firewall or virtual one? It's up to you! Physical servers are protected by their hardware firewall; and in the same way, virtual environments require their own advanced protection against cyber threats. With its Elastic Virtual Appliance (EVA) range, Stormshield delivers security levels equivalent to those of its physical products, providing the perfect support for your digital transformation. Compare them and find the main questions you need to ask to ensure you make the right choice.

Efficient, scalable security

Stormshield Network Security (SNS) firewalls deliver threefold security with their core functionality. Stormshield firewalls provide high-performance network protection. In addition, they offer a high degree of modularity to support your evolving IT and OT networks, and new features with each firmware update.

Trusted security

With these certifications to the highest European standards, the Stormshield firewall range guarantees that our products will be robust and reliable under all circumstances.

As part of our trust approach, discover the Stormshield Security Portal. A portal dedicated to the security provided by Stormshield Network Security products and which allows several security operations: identify whether or not an IP address is present in our IP reputation databases, find existing signatures or access the list of CVEs detected by our Vulnerability Management module. Quick and global visibility on the level of security provided by our solutions.


What is the purpose of a corporate firewall? By securing the network, a corporate firewall protects the company from most cyber attacks. An essential part of your cyber security, this firewall will monitor traffic on your network to identify and block unwanted and malicious traffic. But how does a firewall work? What type of firewall should you install? Where should it be deployed? Many questions and to answer them, come and talk live about a network protection issue. Our sales and pre-sales teams are at your disposal for any information.