Stormshield announces EAL 4+ Common Criteria (CC) certification for its IT infrastructure security range, Stormshield Network Security. This represents a further vote of confidence from ANSSI, and a new stage in the certification and qualification process for its solutions.

Following an expansion in security requirements and the functional spectrum covered by the certifications and qualifications granted by ANSSI, all firewall functionalities (filtering, attack detection, bandwidth and security policy management, auditing, accountability and strong administrator authentication), VPN (IPSec and IPSec DR) and administration functions were audited and analysed for the awarding of this CC EAL4+ certification.


Stormshield, a trusted European player

This cements Stormshield’s position as a trusted European player in the Next-Gen Firewall, IPSec VPN and SD-WAN markets, with a certified version that is part of the LTSB 4.3 branch and therefore guarantees the long-term support that is essential for critical and sensitive infrastructures in particular.

To achieve this, Stormshield has made considerable efforts to meet ANSSI’s new requirements for product hardening. The certification process also kept the teams busy for several months, with a code audit and more extensive penetration tests.

But in addition to certification, these efforts go hand in hand with the level of excellence and transparency that Stormshield seeks to offer its customers across its entire range. Furthermore, with the CSPN certification recently obtained for its Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution EDR offering and the EAL3+ certification of its orchestration tool, all the components of Stormshield's XDR offering have been certified, granting it a unique position in the market and a guarantee of optimum security.


Responding to increased assessment requirements

“Our teams are constantly raising the bar for our solutions in order to anticipate the rise in assessment requirements. These certifications also enable us to provide and promote recognised and tested European solutions, which offer a sovereign and independent institutional guarantee for our national and international customers. This gives them the assurance that they are using trusted, high-performance, robust products that uphold the integrity of their data. Stormshield and our employees are proud to be contributing to a French and European ecosystem that provides the global market with a wide range of cybersecurity solutions which meet the expected level of functionality and requirements,” said Pierre-Yves Hentzen, President & CEO of Stormshield.


Eric Hohbauer, Sales Director and Managing Director Stormshield, with the signed version of the certificate.

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With Stormshield XDR, you can be notified of incidents based on analyses of your endpoints, networks and other web and email files, before managing the response with your various security products, driven by centralised incident management.
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