SN-XL-Series, the range of powerful, port-dense firewalls


Anticipate the evolution of your information infrastructures with complete cyber-serenity, simply by activating the software.


Get the ability to adapt to complex and changing cyber environments

Very high performance

Deploy the full potential of the SN-XL-Series platform, with firewall throughput beyond 300 Gbps

Broadband connectivity | SD-WAN broadband | IPsec VPN

Deploy secure remote connections

The high performance of the SN-XL-Series VPN and SD-WAN concentrators gives you the confidence to provide high-speed, secure connections to your data centres, branch offices, remote offices and teleworkers.


Protect your networks from the spread of a cyber attack

The network protection capabilities of the SN-XL-Series allow you to perform effective micro-segmentation, preventing cyber threats from spreading across your entire network.

Up to 300 Gbps firewall throughput

Benefit from very high firewall performance

The firewall throughput, IPsec VPN throughput and antivirus performance of the SN-XL-Series range meet the high throughput needs of critical infrastructures and large organisations.

Modularity & performance

198 Gbps
Firewall throughput

41 Gbps
VPN IPsec throughput

10 Gbps
Antivirus performance

Connectivity & performance

318 Gbps
Firewall throughput

64 Gbps
VPN IPsec throughput

11 Gbps
Antivirus performance