SN-L-Series, the range of powerful firewalls for complex infrastructures


Anticipate the evolution of your information infrastructures with complete cyber-serenity, simply by activating the software.


Get the ability to adapt to complex and changing cyber environments


Deploy the full potential of the SN-L-Series platform, with firewall throughput beyond 110 Gbps

Modularity | Copper and fibre interfaces | Optional network expansion modules

Give yourself flexible configuration

The network expansion capabilities of the SN-L-Series give you maximum configuration flexibility.

Serenity | Service continuity | Business continuity

Ensure access to your network at all times

High availability, redundant power supply and redundant ventilation are just some of the features of the SN-L-Series range to ensure the cyber-serenity of your services.

All-in-one equipment | WAN and SD-WAN | IPsec VPN

Benefit from high-level VPN connectivity

The performance of the SN-L-Series VPN concentrators gives you the confidence to connect your teleworkers and remote offices.

Modularity & resilience

85 Gbps
Firewall throughput

52 Gbps
IPS throughput

16 Gbps
VPN IPsec throughput

Connectivity & resilience

115 Gbps
Firewall throughput

70 Gbps
IPS throughput

27 Gbps
VPN IPsec throughput